Top 10 Condom Brands in India 2023

In India, until a couple of years prior, the condom was viewed as untouchable. In any case, with the progression of liberal media and branding endeavors of Condom producers, things have changed generally. Presently individuals comprehend that condoms are a family arranging apparatus, yet additionally give assurance against STDs and contaminations. In this article, we present to you a rundown of condom brands in India, which are generally trusted and favored dependent on audits, and fulfillment. The following is the rundown of 10 best condom brands in India, which are effectively accessible in any of your close by drug stores regardless of where you are situated in India.

We investigated for quite a long time and dove profound into the most mainstream and promptly accessible condoms in India. To arrive, we made the top notch of all multivitamins that are evaluated in any event 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon India with at any rate 25 client surveys. We additionally met two or three topic specialists on which are the best condoms that they would recommend for their clients. This encouraged us to fuse the genuineness, and trust factor. This whole cycle gave us some more possibilities, to present to you the best condom in India for your general great sexual wellbeing.

It is regularly the best technique to utilize a condom for safe sex, STDs counteraction and furthermore for contraception. There are various anti-conception medication ways, however male condoms are by all accounts the most secure and generally well known in India. Condoms are made utilizing latex and they are accessible in numerous sizes, shadings, surfaces, and even flavors. The condom’s surface and flavor helps in intensifying sexual pleasure. Indeed, there are brands that have presented super slim condoms which feel it’s practically not there. There are condoms with added grease for enduring sex pleasure.

Best Condom Brands in India

“What are the best condom brands in India in 2023?” – with countless clients who are interested by and large pose inquiries like, and even pursuit on Google . Picking the best condom from a few unique sorts of condoms in India, their styles and condom brands can be intense and genuinely testing. We chose to compose this article in the desire for clarifying what you would have to think about the best 10 condoms in India and the top of the line condoms online in India that could be appropriate for you and your accomplice.

The most widely recognized sort and accessible condoms made of elastic forestall pregnancy and are stretchable. These are effectively accessible and the most un-expensive contrasted with different kinds. Be certain not to blend them in with any blended in with some other oils and lubes to get adequacy.

Non-latex condoms are generally made of polyurethane and polyisoprene. These are better and more slender than latex condoms since they lead more warmth than the latex ones. On the off chance that you are that couple who doesn’t feel that pleasure, at that point flimsy condoms are actually for you. These give a more extreme encounter and guarantee the most significant levels of security. Feel more and get an extraordinary fit with these more slender ones.

Exceptionally intended for oral sex, seasoned condoms cover the latex flavor and makes the cycle more pleasant. The utilization of condoms during sex makes it safe and shields from STI’s. These are fundamentally regular condoms made with lambskin explicitly for the male sexual orientation. It may very well be energizing for men however isn’t probably the most secure condom to utilize. Solely for the women out there, these can be utilized for pleasurable sex. These are pre-greased up yet not usually utilized in numerous nations.

These condoms might be ribbed, specked, or studded which gives you and your accomplice an expanded incitement. In the event that you need to improve sexual pleasure and closeness. At that point you ought to select the finished ones. The absolute most well known condom brands in India are Manforce, Kamasutra, Skore, Durex, and significantly more – which keep thinking of various sorts of condoms for better sexual experience.

1. Manforce

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Manforce is a prevalent quality condom brand that stricly abides by the guidelines of ISO certification. Being one of the most raised and best condom brands in India, Manforce goes under 7 energizing arrangements. The best thing about Manforce condoms is that they are extremely smooth and joined by immovably created latex, which outfits the best satisfaction close by security.

Manforce is a result of Mankind Pharma Ltd, which is one of the top drug organizations in India. Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee are a portion of the flavors which were advocated by Manforce without precedent for India. Humanity follows the legitimate business morals and every condom is set up under AirBurst Technology for most extreme fulfillment.

2. Durex

Durex Invisible Super Ultra Thin Condoms for Men - 10 Count
9,887 Reviews
Durex Invisible Super Ultra Thin Condoms for Men - 10 Count
  • SUPER ULTRA THIN FOR HIGH SENSITIVITY: Durex Invisible condoms are the thinnest condoms ever in India, for a deep connection and real intense contact
  • LUBRICATED AND STRAIGHT WALLED CONDOMS: Transparent, natural latex condoms shaped with a teat end to be easier to put on and provide a better fit during sex
  • DUREX QUALITY: With over 90 years of experience manufacturing condoms, Durex is the world’s No.1 brand; DISCREET DELIVERY: Condom box delivered in discreet packaging with no indication of parcel contents
  • DUREX TESTING: condoms are electronically tested. Five more quality tests are carried out on every batch. On top of that this condom has been dermatologically tested too
  • Size Name: 10 Count (Pack Of 1)

Durex is the scope of condoms fabricated under the brand name of SSL International (UK). With 12 variations of latex condoms and a ton of pleasurable flavors, Durex remains as one of the most famous and best condom brands in India. Durex has more than 97 years of involvement in assembling condoms. So it is protected to state that each and every one is the result of a cycle that is attempted and tried. Every one of the condoms is tried electronically, with tests from each group likewise expanded with air to test their solidarity.

Global principles request that a condom ought to contain 18 liters of air in ‘Air Burst Test’ for it to be durable. A Durex condom will normally manage to hold upto 40 liters of air without tearing off. Test condoms are additionally loaded up with water to ensure they don’t spill. All condom types are likewise dermatologically tried. Truth be told, in the event that one example doesn’t breeze through any of their 18 assessments, the entire bunch of up to 432,000 condoms doesn’t leave the production line.

The organization additionally has a group of analysts searching for better approaches to improve their items or for spotting new patterns in sexual conduct that may prompt an entirely different item range. The flavors utilized in Durex Condoms are not fake and are generally made out of regular sources, which don’t wreck your accomplice’s Ph levels.

3. Skore

Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condoms 10's (Pack of 4)
114 Reviews
Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condoms 10's (Pack of 4)
  • Chocolate flavoured, dotted and coloured
  • Brings greater sensation to your lovemaking
  • Delicious chocolate flavour and colour seduce and enhance the excitement

Skore is one of the mainstream and one among the best condom brands in India by TTK Group. It was one of the best condom brands in India, who in spite of the fact that came as a private part in the Indian market yet had the viewpoint to give the best working condom at a less expensive cost. Presently, Skore has overwhelmed practically 50% of the Indian market with its wide scope of flavor and assortment. Skore is known to utilize best quality latex to give you additional sensation to your sexy time.

The central variations for which Skore is outstanding amongst the best condom brands in India are the scope of shaded, organic product seasoned, specked and peak defer condoms which accompany the best latex in the business as unhesitatingly guaranteed by the brand.

4. Moods

Moods Dotted Condoms 12's Pack x 5
259 Reviews
Moods Dotted Condoms 12's Pack x 5
  • Surprise your senses with these condoms
  • Condoms made of natural rubber latex
  • Dotted lubricated condoms with reservoir tip

Moods condoms are one of the main condom brands in India that has gained immense popularity made under HLL Lifecare. This particular brand of condoms is known for its energizing smells and slim yet solid surface. Supported by mainstream Bollywood Actress-Sunny Leone, Moods is known for adding the oomph factor during your close occasions.

Moods condoms are well known in India and numerous pieces of the globe, for example, Canada, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean Islands. Moods condoms go under 20 energizing assortments with relentless flavors.

5. Kohinoor

arman international Kohinoor Pleasure Condoms(Pack of 1, 10s)
  • Teat ended condoms made from the finest natural rubber latex
  • Prolong the moment with Kohinoor Xtra Time pleasure Condoms
  • Densely packed with enhanced dots for extra stimulation

Kohinoor is one of the broadly utilized condom brands in India. It is one of the most established and best condom brands in India when the possibility of condom was new to Indians. Kohinoor goes under the blend of a ribbed and dabbed assortment of condoms. Tried dermatologically, Kohinoor condoms give the best assurance against Sexually Transmitted Diseases and contaminations.

Kohinoor goes under 10 energizing flavors with touchy warmth blasting innovation for additional sensation.

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6. Kamasutra

KamaSutra is one of the most seasoned and best condoms accessible in India. They have their motivation from universal Hindu content and human sexual conduct. These super meager modest condoms arrive in a 20s pack. The bundling has very alluring illustrations and plans. This is a non-specked latex condom and softly greased up containing benzocaine that helps in pregnancy avoidance.

KamaSutra has more than 25 years of involvement with giving the best items to their clients. This is the reason it is at number 6 on our rundown of the best condoms. KamaSutra Condoms is India’s second-biggest condom brand. These are produced by J.K. Ansell Ltd. They make extravagance condoms for men.

This can be called India’s number 1 non-latex condom and one among the best condom brands in India. They have broad sorts of condoms in India, individual greases, and other related items. They give you that vibe just as forestall pregnancy and other communicated sicknesses. This brand is known for the craft of having intercourse with the remarkable Pyramidal Dots – which gives serious sensations.

7. NottyBoy

NOTTY BOY BiggBang 4in1 Multi Texture Condoms For Man- 10 Count (Ribbed, Dotted, Contour & Climax Delay)
  • NOTTYBOY 4-IN-1- Our biggbang condom is anatomically shaped for a better fit and comes with a male genital desensitiser lubricant to extend the pleasure.
  • UNIQUE 4-IN-1 FEATURES - These condoms contains climax delay lubricant to slow men down and have a ribbed & dotted texture with contour design to give women maximum stimulation
  • SNUG FIT - Our fitted condoms are designed to perfectly fit the male part.
  • SAFE - Our products are designed to provide maximum pleasure while keeping safety and protection in mind.
  • DELIVERY - The packaging is compact and easy to carry, which makes it perfect for travel or discreet storage.

Nottyboy condoms have a very much greased up layer and exceptionally intended to upgrade your sexual play. Its prevalence over different methods for contraception makes it a much-esteemed expansion to your solid sexual practices.

8. Playgard

PLAYGARD More Play Combo of Super Dotted Condoms (Pack of 10 Condoms x 02 Boxes = Total 20 Condoms)
114 Reviews
PLAYGARD More Play Combo of Super Dotted Condoms (Pack of 10 Condoms x 02 Boxes = Total 20 Condoms)
  • Assorted flavored condoms with chocolate. Strawberry, orange and butterscotch flavors
  • Unleash your wild side and get ready to give her more
  • Super thin condoms designed for greater sensitivity
  • 20 Condoms pack, straight walled and teat ended that smell better
  • Transparent and lubricated natural rubber latex condoms. Length: min 180mm, width: 53 +/-2mm

Playgard Super spotted condom accompanies interestingly overly measured specks. It is half greater than ordinary specked condoms. It encourages you and your accomplice to animate the problem areas and make some extraordinary memories together. These excessively dabbed condoms contain benzocaine oils to guarantee that your accomplice’s pleasure will be invigorated in an incredible manner.

Chocolate is the most famous flavor and cherished by nearly everybody. It will in general improve by and large sexual encounters and energizes the taste buds. With the rich chocolate flavor, it will undoubtedly make your oral pleasures more fun and energizing.

9. Okamoto

Okamoto Condom | Ultra Thin Condoms for Men | Thinnest Premium Japanese Condoms | Made In Japan | 0.03 mm thin | 003 Platinum (Pack of 1)
  • Rated NO. 1 IN JAPAN according to “INTAGE SRI+/April, 2017 to March, 2021/Sales Value” report.
  • The Thinnest Condom: Experience one of the thinnest condoms in the world(0.03 mm) for a nothing in between feel
  • Silicone Lubricant: The unique soluble lubricant used in Okamoto condoms ensures easy gliding. It is less sticky, not messy and residue free.
  • Safety and hygiene: Water-based lubricant prevents infections that result from oil-based lubricants. Use of condoms also helps prevent unwanted pregnancies, STIs and STDs.
  • Enhanced Performance: With half the thickness of standard latex condoms for sex, these set a benchmark in terms of performance. The smooth gliding adds to the pleasure.

These condoms with their super-slight latex layer guarantee you a sleeker vibe and increased affectability while giving a similar degree of consolation and security as a standard condom. A brand from Japan Okamoto advocates safe sex. This is probably the best condom for durable pleasure. This improves proficiency and life span and is dermatologically tried. They are very slender and light condoms.

10. Deluxe Nirodh

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Deluxe is the first-historically speaking condom brand dispatched by HLL Lifecare in India in the year 1986. You can purchase these condoms online without any problem. This is likewise outstanding amongst other offering condoms in India to date. Deluxe Nirodh is unquestionably an accomplished part in this field. Be that as it may, this brand doesn’t have different styles or flavors to look over. Despite the fact that it is acceptable at forestalling undesirable pregnancies and different contaminations. These condoms are electronically tried and are very much greased up for good pleasure.


In India, discussing sex and condoms is a big ‘no-no’. Yet, praise to the branding abilities of condom brands, and media which have changed this situation by and large. Individuals have quit being cautious and are presently centered around family arranging and security from sexually sent illnesses (STD).

Condoms are men’s closest companion with regards to sex. There are sure factors that you may consider prior to purchasing a condom. We have recorded some of them to help you locate the best one.

Choose who needs more pleasure, the man or the lady. At that point likewise pick which one you need to purchase. The ones which are for Her pleasure or Mutual pleasure and even condoms made for your own pleasure. There are different styles like spotted, ribbed, slim, and so forth to browse. You can feel free to get the one dependent on your inclination. There are heaps of brands in the market that sell condoms. On the off chance that you have any brand at the top of the priority list, select that or evaluate new ones. The solitary thing to check is the expiry dates of the condoms.

These brands are trusted and favored dependent on audits, and notoriety. Whatever you need to know to pick the best condom for you and your accomplice has been clarified. Presently, don’t sit around idly and get a grip of the best condoms in India and make you and your accomplice experience safe sex.

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