Top 10 Clothing Brands in India 2024

The style and apparel industry has changed hugely in the most recent couple of years. Indian individuals have become more brand cognizant at this point. Customers these days don’t trouble a lot for going through some additional cash for quality in their garments. That is the motivation behind why numerous brands are dispatching in India. And here comes the need to know the best clothing brands in India.

The Indian purchaser is turning out to be more style cognizant and this is reflected in the number of Indian design marks that are flooding the market. These brands have not just given more decision to the brand cognizant Indian purchaser, but on the other hand, are giving hardened rivalry to the unfamiliar brands that entered the Indian market post-progression.

In any case, unfamiliar brands are as yet favored in India as the customer is more disposed towards them. India has over 1000 clothing brands in the market right now which grandstand a wide scope of clothes, footwear, accessories, and different embellishments. Here is a rundown of the best clothing brands in India that each of us should consider.

Best Clothing Brands in India

An individual reflects a ton regarding what they wear. Clothes have gotten in excess of a need in the cutting edge world. The garments and the material industry is conspicuous in India. Furthermore, the Indian clothing market is developing quickly. Furthermore, the business obliges a wide scope of regular, easygoing, and design clothes.

Clothes as well as these days, brands assume a significant part in an individual’s financial status. Indian individuals are specific about acceptable garments. Be that as it may, once in a while brands become superficial points of interest. Delightful, Indian clients have no complaint spending a couple of additional bucks on great garments.

Hence, to pull in more buyers, particularly the ones more positive for unfamiliar brands, numerous organizations have picked unfamiliar names for their garments and adornments. The clothing market in India is growing, and you will see an ever-increasing number of brands coming up on the lookout. Let us take you through the 10 best clothing brands in India.

1. Levi’s

Levi’s is apparently the most well-known clothing brand in the entire world as of now. Levi’s was established in 1853 and it is one of the best clothing brands in India. Levi’s is additionally half answerable for the innovation of the pants that we wear to this date. Today Levi’s arranges a wide assortment of items in clothing.

Their jeans are top class yet Levi’s isn’t restricted to simply them. They have a solid product offering going from fashionwear to active apparel. Their assortment incorporates top wear like t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, and coats. In bottom wear, they have denim, trousers, chinos, joggers, and shorts.

The pants also are of various kinds like thin, slim, overly thin, and regular. The wallets from Levi’s are of exceptional quality. It summarizes essentially all that a person requires. At present, Levi’s has more than 400 stores situated in more than 100 urban areas the nation over.

Our top picks from Levi’s:

2. United Colors of Benetton

United Colors Of Benetton was established in 1969 in the US. From that point forward it has gained notoriety for itself in fashion wear for both men and women. Much the same as the name recommends, United Colors of Benetton is known for the shadings and style of their items.

The apparel line includes a wide class of both top wear and bottom wear. They have polos, sweaters, and jackets. Also, cardigans, sweatshirts, blazers, and parkas offer a wide range of collections. They likewise have various kinds of jumpers like high neck, team neck, and slipover jumpers.

In bottom wear, they have various sorts of pants, chinos, easygoing jeans, and formal trousers. Additionally, UCB offers a wide range of slippers that offers extreme comfort and accessories like shades, and wallets.

Our top picks from United Colors of Benetton:

3. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American premium clothing brand that was established in 1985. At present Tommy, Hilfiger items are sold globally in more than 2000 retail locations in more than 100 nations. That discloses to you how well known this brand is. Tommy Hilfiger has diverse product offerings that are assigned for explicit sort of items.

Tommy Hilfiger, the fundamental brand, offers an assortment of America-enlivened attire. You can discover everything under this mark from belts, to t shirts and from watches to pants and chinos. Hilfiger Denim mark is brimming with all denim everything. There are pants of various sorts and shadings, denim shirts, and denim jackets.

Last however not least, Tommy Hilfiger Tailored highlights an accurately customized extravagance clothing arrangement made of premium texture. This arrangement highlights suits, coats, tuxedos, sweaters, cardigans, turtlenecks, pants, and so forth. Being one of the best clothing brands in India, you cannot neglect the backpacks this brand has in stock for you.

Our top picks from Tommy Hilfiger:

4. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein shouldn’t require a presentation. In the event that by any possibility somebody had never known about CK, they do now because of the superstars and celebrities sporting this brand. Calvin Klein is quite possibly the most mainstream fashion wear brand for anyone out there. CK may have a superior scope of clothing however they are unquestionably not restricted to simply that.

Underwears are Calvin Klein’s mark and the case is the equivalent with their inventory. CK has an expansive range of underwear, trunks, fighters, briefs, and swimwear. Other than that, CK additionally offers a decent arrangement of jazzy shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. CK’s product offering likewise includes pants, suits, overcoats, coats, and joggers.

Quite possibly one of the best clothing brands in India, Calvin Klein is an American style place of luxury items which was set up in 1968. It is among the top brands worldwide with respect to extreme items with its exorbitant expenses and high type of items which are made.

Our top picks from Calvin Klein:

5. Nike

Nike is an American worldwide brand. The organization bargains in the plan, advancement, producing, and overall promoting and deals of footwear, clothing, hardware, extras, and administrations. The organization is the world’s biggest producer of athletic footwear, attire, and equipment.

Nike is one of the best clothing brands in India when it comes to sportswear. It offers a fantastic combination of universes, maybe the best shoes, that offers phenomenal comfort and support and don’t irritate you while you work out. It gives you assurance and makes more energy in you with the objective that you won’t stop playing or working out.

This brand promises you appropriateness with the objective that you won’t get uncomfortable and continue with your game. With astonishing sportswear, their sandals are no exemption in quality. The powerful tones and designs allow you to play going full scale.

Our top picks from Nike:

6. Peter England

Peter England appeared right in 1889. It showed up in the Indian market in 1997 and was later obtained by the Aditya Birla Group in 2000. From that point forward Peter England has become a column in the Indian style scene. Peter England has a colossal assortment that comprises all that is required in a man’s closet. For ordinary use, they have all sorts of shirts, easygoing pants, chinos, polos, and shorts.

For action purposes, they got joggers and track pants. They offer cardigans, sweaters, coats, hoodies, and sweatshirts for winters. They have innerwear covered with underwear, undershirts, and vests. For formal events, you can admire their suits and overcoats. They additionally have ethnic wear like kurtas, night robes, and sherwanis. The premium quality socks are incredible.

Peter England offers some special items like wrinkle-free shirts and water tech shirts that keep you cool in summer. Peter England has made an imprint as one of the best clothing brands in India, especially when menswear is considered. Fundamentally, the brand is known for its normalized fits, unrivaled quality, and wide reach, and trendy styles.

Our top picks from Peter England:

7. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo has gotten one of the main attire brands due to the decisions it gives in classes including jackets, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, coats. Monte Carlo is a style house with a diverse blend of clothing for both men, and ladies. All things considered, the organization accompanies a utilitarian, in vogue, and premium quality way to deal with the attire.

Monte Carlo, an Italian named Indian brand, is possessed by Jawahar Lal Oswal, the CEO of Oswal Woolen Mills Limited. The organization has picked an Italian name to draw in the Indian clients. The brand Monte Carlo isn’t just acclaimed for its clothing yet in addition for sweaters and some of the best winter wears.

Monte Carlo, a standout amongst other best clothing brands in India when it comes to winter wear, was authoritatively dispatched in 1984 through MBO’s. Today, Monte Carlo holds the numero uno position in shirts and sweaters in India. In 2003, the brand made a step ahead and started its particular picture sources, the store check of which has coordinated 237 as of date.

Our top picks from Monte Carlo:

No products found.

8. W for Women

Another eminent and notable brand that has impulsive prints, plans, and structures, passes by the name of W for Women. The expense of W kurtis and leggings is really moderate. The ideal fit Kurtis are basically fitting for office going women who should feel both desi and tasteful. The uncommon and present-day structures with the right scramble of the show are the basic thought that they play with.

Known primarily for their standard and mix workwear kurtas, W is your most strong alternative when you’re stuck for decisions that are pleasant substitutes for the work environment. Their upbeat Indian wear is in a like manner worth taking a gander at, however. There couldn’t have been an unrivaled name for this brand. All items are a blend of the vision of the brand originators reliant on western styles and projections of the plan.

The leggings of this brand come in solid shadings and striking models and prints. A blend of cotton and lycra, they make agreeable bottoms during boiling pre-summer days, and winter even. They are ideal for boosting a legitimate dress. In the current style and smooth, they supplement straight fitted Kurtis and various tops and shoes and heels. This has to be one of the best clothing brands in India for women considering ethnic attires.

Our top picks from W for Women:

9. Puma

Set up in 1948, Puma is a German brand that offers athletic and accommodating footwear, apparel, and accessories. Puma is the third greatest shoemaker on earth and is needed to be trusted in name far and wide. The association was set up by Rudolf Dassler, the sibling of Adolf Dassler (coordinator of Adidas). The 2 brothers commonly formed an association Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory) in 1924.

The two brothers later agreed to part the association into two separate components, Adidas and Puma in 1948. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, both the associations have gotten comfortable in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Starting late, Puma denoted the World Champion Mary Kom as the brand services for the association. The association has in excess of 300 stores in India and is considered among the best tracksuit brands in India.

Puma logo speaks to itself with no issue and in case you have an obsession for caps, this present one for you. The arrangement of plans adds an edge to your sharp nice looks. Take your pick from a wide extent of dynamic tones and make an imprint style with it. Puma tracksuits similarly are a mix of advancement, and top of the line style. Open in an assortment of solid tones, Puma’s products are lightweight and progressed making them appropriate for the front-line people.

Our top picks from Puma:

10. Jockey

Jockey designs are constantly creating and improving, and it is strikingly notable in India. Page Industries Limited in Bangalore is the world class licensee of Jockey International Inc. (USA) for the creation, movement, and advancing of the brand in India. Jockey has reliably been the primary top pick for essentials. Besides, this has made a strong association between the Indian buyer and the brand.

The Jockey has a marvelous extent of bra things, for instance, stick bras, scandalous bras, and minimizers. The bras will be an inconceivable extension to your wardrobe. The brand is an essential love for every youngster. Be it innerwear for men, women, or kids, Jockey has aced the claim to fame of making too pleasing inners that stay unrivaled – be it with respect to cost or quality.

They have been pioneers concerning retailing of innerwear and the best vests – the way in which it should be done – with mechanical assemblies and packaging that acclaim the arrangement. Jockey thermal wears are known for their proper fitting. It grasps your body, notwithstanding, doesn’t make it difficult for you to unwind. Jockey thermals use amazing surfaces which will without a doubt keep you warm in the fresh winter.

Our top picks from Jockey:


Fashion and clothing industry has changed tremendously in the most recent couple of years. Indian individuals have become more brand cognizant at this point. Clients these days don’t trouble a lot for going through some additional cash for quality in their garments. That is the motivation behind why numerous new worldwide, just as homegrown brands, are dispatching in India. Choose wisely amongst the best clothing brands in India that we have covered and shop the best for your collection.


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