Top 10 Ceiling Fan Brands in India 2024

Ceiling fans have been accessible for countless years as of now and have advanced to have various varieties. With this, numerous brands and models have opened up on the lookout. In this way, numerous customers are struggling to pick the best roof fan for their homes. You may have been attempting to get a grip on the best ceiling fan in India from one of the best ceiling fan brands that won’t just fulfill your home requirements, yet fits the financial plan simultaneously.

Ceiling fans are perhaps the most widely recognized gadget in each house in India. Most houses have in any event 2 or more ceiling fans and the number might be higher relying upon the number of rooms. A ceiling fan is entirely reasonable and burns-through next to no power when contrasted with an air conditioner.

They quickly give a definition to the insides of the spot and the extremely smooth ones lift up the vibes of the region. Ceiling fans are additionally cheap when contrasted with other cooling machines and are an unquestionable requirement. To end your chase for finding a ceiling fan and to make your pick simpler and substantially more pleasant, we have summed up all the best ceiling fan brands to bring you the perfect one you need.

Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

1. Orient Electric

Orient Electric Limited is a famous name in the Indian market. Having been in the business for over 60 years, the maker is known to be a one-stop brand with regards to the ceiling fan brands in India. They are the biggest producers and exporters of ceiling fans from India, with in excess of 40 global business sectors. The maker administrations 450 urban communities in the homegrown market.

Some of the best orient ceiling fan plans are pocket-accommodating and high on execution. Their moderate however staggering plan and shiny completion supplement and improves any room stylistic theme flawlessly. The twofold metal roller of the fan guarantees that you need not bear the bothering sound typically heard in any ceiling fan.

The fan devours simply a minimal power output and promises you high-velocity air conveyance. The ribbed aluminum edges and the interesting point alongside the engine speed of 370 rpm keep up the yielding nature of air dissemination. The best orient ceiling fan plans offer the best financial plan amicable fan that you can think to buy for any of your indoor or outside space. They are simply low maintenance.

Our top picks from Orient Electric:

2. Crompton

Crompton offers a wide scope of fans which incorporate ceiling fans, table fans, and much more. The makers additionally make other electronic items. The organization has been into activity for over 20 years and has more than 150 hold places in India. Crompton is a standout amongst other performing organizations in the business.

Upheld by the brand estimation of Crompton, the fan is an easy decision for each one of the individuals who pine for a jazzy looking fan with a super exhibition. The brilliant ring on both engine and shelter alongside coordinating trims against the body gives it an unparalleled exquisite and smooth look. The fans are quite silent into activity, making Crompton one of the best ceiling fan brands.

It packs all that is viewed as standard in a predominant quality fan like the twofold metal roller, speed of 360 rpm, and air conveyance of 230/CUM/Min. Utilizing a bare minimum watt of power, they stand sensibly well to voltage variances also. The sharp edges are wide and efficiently intended for better than expected air-conveyance. However, its standard guarantee of two years keeps you all around ensured.

Our top picks from Crompton:

3. Usha

Usha produces various sorts of ceiling fans, table fans, exhaust fans, and tower fans. The organization produces item models that are planned with the most extreme consideration. Usha fans accompany dependable and tough plans. They additionally require low support. Most items fabricated by Usha are truly moderate, making the brand extremely well known.

The best Usha ceiling fan plans are accessible in various tones, and they additionally have a three-layered metallic completion that makes them polished. The organization utilizes prevalent innovation for every one of its items, settling on them the main decision in most Indian families. With their low costs, you can without much of a stretch get a top-notch Usha ceiling fan at a reasonable expense.

Ideal for both indoor and open-air settings, the fans make an undeniable impression with their varied solid and metallic shades and downplayed complements. The fans are considerably lighter than most other comparable fans on the lookout however override them serenely in execution. The three sharp edges, made from aluminum can turn at 385 rpm while devouring a minimum power output. On account of its V2 grade metal roller, the fan is totally quiet in its method of activity.

Our top picks from Usha:

4. Havells

Havells ceiling fans are a basic piece of each home. The maker delivers top-notch ceiling fans that are known for superior, solace and wellbeing. Ceiling fans from Havells like the best Usha ceiling fan plans are accessible at the best costs and they additionally come in various assortments. They give brightening fans, energy-saving fans, undelight fans, metallic fans, ordinary fans among different alternatives. Every one of their items is known for superior and low energy utilization.

Havells is considered as the head of the Indian market to the extent that ceiling fans are thought of. The metallic paint finish, a contemporary sharp plan including embellishing trims, and choice to pick between different tones make these fans an eye-catcher. The incredible thing about these fans is that they are accessible in scope sizes changing from 600 mm to 1400 mm. In this manner, you can without much of a stretch pick the correct fit.

The durable aluminum body, sharp edges, and kick the bucket cast cover loans the fans both strength and dependability. You can expect staggering air courses even at low voltage conditions. Devouring about minimum power output, the fans move with an engine speed of 280 rpm and gives an air conveyance of around 250 CMM. Additionally, the fan will in general make a squeaking sound while working however is known to be silent, making this one of the best ceiling fan brands in the market today.

Our top picks from Havells:

5. Atomberg

Atomberg Technologies offer various kinds of Gorilla fans that are extraordinarily intended to address your issues. All their ceiling fans utilize less power utilization and they additionally come in current plans. In addition, their fans can likewise be controlled through Alexa and Google Homes. Other than the trendy plans accessible in various shading alternatives, the ceiling fans will likewise diminish your power utilization by up to 65%. Atomberg ceiling fans have less air cutting commotion, unrivaled air conveyance, and are distant controlled.

The most striking element of these fans is their very low power utilization even at their most elevated speed. The engine is the new in-thing, that is of the BLDC assortment. Having a 5-star energy productivity rating, the fans utilize only about 28 Watts of power output against 70 to 78 Watt of utilization in any remaining fans. Additionally, the fan works even voltage vacillates between 140 and 285 Volts.

The silent activity of the fans gives up all opposition. The 3-sharp edge fans have an imaginative plan for an air course that gives an air conveyance pace of 220 cubic centimeters each moment. This component makes these fans ideal for simply a little or moderate estimated room. The controller highlights like three methods of activity, variable speed settings are altogether comforted that you would unquestionably appreciate. If you talk about contemporary and new-age fans, Atomberg offers the best ceiling fan in India.

Our top picks from Atomberg:

6. Luminous

Luminous Power Technology is in no uncertainty one of the main power and home electronic specialists in the Indian market. The maker offers a huge assortment of power reinforcement arrangements that incorporates the battery and solar apparatuses, UPS, and electrical contributions like fans, switches, LED lighting, and wires.

The organization has 7 assembling units and in excess of 28 workplaces in the homegrown market. They are accessible in excess of 36 nations. Luminous ceiling fans are very jazzy with their cleaned up look and calm tones. While being shortsighted in their appearance, these fans are a standout amongst other best ceiling fan brands with regards to execution.

The energizing part of these ceiling fans is that they can work at low voltage and give the greatest air dissemination. The fast and streamlined cutting edges have an air conveyance of 220 CMM while pivoting at a maximum velocity of 380 rpm. These high-velocity fans include a remarkable 12-shaft engine with 20% more copper to upgrade engine sturdiness. The non-destructive high-grade aluminum engine body and edges alongside copper windings, guarantee that the fans have an all-encompassing life expectancy.

Our top picks from Luminous:

7. Bajaj

Bajaj is perhaps the best brand, and the fan by Bajaj is a standout amongst other best ceiling fans in India. This brand is very notable for its speed and style. These fans are productive just as dependable. The scope of these specific fans is 1200 mm, which gives the most extreme wind current. The Bajaj ceiling fans cost is entirely moderate when contrasted with different fans.

The fans are furnished with a twofold metal roller that is liable for expanding its heap bearing limit and subsequently expanding the strength of the item. The ceiling fan’s working rule comes in a special manner as it loses a snappy turn over high force engine that helps in accomplishing elite and results in moment comfort.

The all-metal body of these fans guarantees strength and life span. Being long-lasting and durable, the brand accompanies a guarantee of 2 years, and the body of the fans are powder covered with rust-free powder. The edges of these fans are extraordinary as they are both left and side twist that in both bigger compass just as a uniform course of the air.

Our top picks from Bajaj:

8. Candes

Give a unique and complete look to your room by adding a premium ceiling fan from a wide reach of Candes fans. They are planned by remembering the style, energy productivity, and cooling. Candes ceiling fans will work as indicated by your assumption. They are produced using materials that offer simple cleaning and enduring use and are an unquestionable requirement purchase.

With a 100% copper motor, double ball bearings, metal finish looks, superb performance, BEE 5 star rating, Candes is one of the best ceiling fan brands in India. With a cutting edge size of 1200 mm and a fan speed of 400 rpm, these are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. The air Delivery of these fans is about 230 CMM. With dynamically balanced blades, the prevalent parts are made for long life. Along with a 3 years best-in-class warranty including 1 year extended warranty, these fans are worth a try.

The high carbon steel bearing, and non-destructive high-grade aluminum engine body, and cutting edges alongside unadulterated electrolytic evaluation copper windings wire on the engine guarantees longer existence of the item. The extensive edges guarantee a more extensive funnel-shaped spread of breeze in all sides of the room. The high-speed engine creates a rapid pivot and guarantees better warmth dissemination.

Our top picks from Candes:

9. Superfan

With a wide scope of custom examples and shadings to browse, it can turn out to be really hard to take your pick among the Superfan variations. Be that as it may, you can bring along enormous reserve funds to your power bills combined with this energy productive brand of ceiling fans which additionally accompanies a moderate sticker price.

Its minimal formed models ensure energetic air conveyance and would thus be able to work well for you in both indoor just as open-air arrangements. You can likewise continue with its far-off controlled variations which help in changing velocity and in any event, setting a clock for the ceiling fan. The fans accompany a 9-key far off having 6 keys for controlling the speed of these fans and two keys for fine control of speed.

There is additionally an example key that helps in recreating a characteristic breeze. With electrical utilization of just around 35 Watts, fans from Superfan are named India’s most energy-effective ceiling fans. Accompanying world-class metal rollers, the fans have likewise got a LED indication for distant activity.

Our top picks from Superfan:

10. Jupiter

Jupiter is an astounding brand that produces the absolute best ceiling fans in India. You probably won’t discover this brand in the nearby Indian business sectors yet is outstanding amongst other selling brands in the industry. Calm bizarre execution has been driven by the Jupiter ceiling fans. This brand has acquired an enormous client base in the ceiling fan industry in light of its low power devouring feature.

BLDC engine is introduced in these fans which gives productive usefulness and high air conveyance. Overheating and superfluous commotion are being disposed of by this engine that capacities adequately with the assistance of a perpetual magnet. Great execution is shown, in any event, when there is a power cut, the power is provided from the inverter. As it accompanies energy-effective inverter drive innovation which gives expanded inverter reinforcement.

Comprising of a streamlined plan that gives can stream the air in all the edges of the room, this is one of the best ceiling fan brands. The fans can pivot in two ways along these lines spreading cool air during summer and warm air during the chilly climate. They come in amazing shading options that would glance exemplary in your home just as an office. These stylish fans accompany 3 years of guarantee which makes this arrangement hang out on the lookout.

Our top picks from Jupiter:


In nations like India, where the temperature is moderate, hot, and cool, the best thing an individual can depend upon a fan for some solace. Dissimilar to climate control systems, roof fans don’t diminish the temperature inside the room, all things being equal, it flows the air inside, which makes a cooling impact, with the goal that you don’t feel sweltering. Roof fans likewise increment the stylistic theme of your room, on the off chance that you pick an in vogue and rich one.

Rather than consuming your cash on purchasing a forced-air system, on the off chance that you live where the temperature isn’t excessively hot, roof fans would be a superior choice. The energy utilization of fans is far low when contrasted with that of forced air systems consequently saving a decent measure of your cash.

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