Top 6 Best Carrom Boards under 5000 Rupees for a Fun Carrom Session

Carrom boards, an intriguing affair to many, are square, utilize boards with net or fabric pockets in the corners. The standard size carrom board, utilized in competitions, is a 74 x 74 cm board with a 5-10 cm boundary (or 29 x 29 crawls with a 2-4 inches line). So we have shortlisted the six best carrom boards under 5000 Rupees accessible in India for 2024.

In this article, we offer you a scope of solid, eco-accommodating, and the best durable carrom boards¬†which are idealized for each carrom darling out there. Our boards are league size (29″ x 29″), cut absolutely at 2″ x 1.5″ and with an employed outline width of 5.5 mm. It’s anything but a profoundly tough board with 14 supports joined under the utilize to help the playing surface. The material is a poisonous freeboard and the markings are made with synthetic-free ink and paste. We highly esteem our bestselling carrom board on the web, Carrom Board 720, which accompanies a full carrom coin set and non-poisonous, potato-starch powder.

There are varieties in the size, material, and nature of the carrom boards and furthermore in the size of the pockets. A customary carrom board will have pockets bigger than the size of the carrom men yet more modest than the size of the Striker. Boards with bigger pockets are suggested for novices as they can undoubtedly pack the Striker with a ‘Scratch shot’.

Best Carrom Boards under 5000

1. RKS Carrom Board

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Carrom boards are popular for their smooth playing surface and magnificent re-skip capacities. The board’s back has given solid support to improve the levelness and forestall twisting. Licensed by Maharashtra Carrom Association, the quality, and presence of Birch Plywood are with the end goal that still today nobody has had the option to track down a substitute for a similar compressed wood in the carrom board.

This pressed wood is the best decision of competition players all throughout the planet and in practically every one of the competitions of The Maharashtra Carrom Association and Many other Carrom Federation are played on carrom boards with Antique pressed wood as a playing surface. To limit cost and for consistency in the quality, we are straightforwardly bringing in birch compressed wood from the maker throughout the previous twenty years with no intermediates in the middle.

2. Man 32′ Inch Carrom Board

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These carrom boards, one among the best carrom boards under 5000 Rupees, are well known for their smooth playing surface and great re-ricochet capacities. At the board’s back, has given strong support to upgrade the evenness and forestall distorting. Accompanies a 1.5-inch line.

Unparalleled finishing carrom board with standard full-size playing district. Ideal for friends and family for accommodating play. Line – 1.5 x 1.5 inches; utilize – approx 4 mm; diagram – 32 x 32 inches; playing surface – 30 x 30 inches. Shading – brown, beige; material – Assam pressed wood board and hardwood (Kikar) borders. It is delivered in a pack of 1 carrom board with coins, striker, and powder.

3. Synco Winit Super Carrom Board

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A portion of the famous competitions Played On Synco Platinum :

  • Seventh Carrom World Championship Birmingham 2016
  • 46th Senior National and Inter-State Carrom Championship held in Chennai in the season of 2017-18
  • Fifth Carrom World cup Korea 2018
  • ICF (International Carrom Federation) CUP Pune 2019

These boards, one of the best carrom boards under 5000, are utilized and supported by the International Carrom Federation, US Carrom Association, and All India Carrom Federation. World’s Biggest and Finest Carrom Boards fabricating organization. Synco Carrom Boards have been highlighted in all the significant international Carrom Competitions since 2005.

4. Gymnco Super Fast Carrom Board

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Worked with substantial-quality utilize, these carrom boards are going with free carrom coins, powder, and strikers. These are 100% Matt Finish Carrom Boards Playing surface is Scratch Resistance and Smooth Finish for better execution and long life. The playing region 30 inches x 30 creeps with a Frame – 3 inches x 2 inches, Ply 16 mm.

The waterproof boards come in shades of the dark line alongside 1 Coin Set, 1 Striker, and 1 Powder. Gymnco Robust carrom board playing region 30 inches x 30 crawls with 3 inches x 2 inches line effectively to amass.

5. US Creation 3 inch Border Carrom Board

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Carrom Board is built out of wood. Its edge is scratch-verification and waterproof. You will get an absolute course of action of carrom board coins, 1 x transcendent round striker, and 1 x carrom powder. As this game interfaces the entire family to play together, so we have planned this size while remembering this. This is the ideal size carrom board for the whole family. You will get fun, and discover it’s anything but an instructive game for youngsters as well.

A smooth cleaned surface will guarantee there is no contact during play. On the posterior of the carrom board, you will get wooden outlining to upgrade strength and keep a level surface. Every one of the 4 corners beneath the playing surface comprises durable support to upgrade the levelness and forestall distorting. You can safely and effectively catch and gather coins from net pockets.

6. JTC Matte Finish Hard Wooden Ply Carrom Board

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These carrom boards are furnished with a smooth playing surface and eminent re-skip limits. At the board’s back, it’s very not strong assistance to refresh the balance and frustrate deforming. Covering – Brown, Beige; Material – Assam compacted wood board and hardwood (Kikar) borders. Pack of 1 carrom board with coins, striker, and powder.

These Carrom boards, a top pick among the best carrom boards under 5000, are known for their smooth playing surface and stunning re-skip, with serious assistance at the rear of the board to refresh value and thwart turning.


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