February 20, 2021

Top 10 Carrom Board Brands in India 2021

A carrom board has a squared-out, generally, 29 by 29-inch polished playing-surface encompassed by a hardwood outline with four corner pockets. The game uses coins that resemble checkers, and a striker, utilized as the cue ball used in pool-games, to sink coins in the pockets. It is a difficult game of expertise and artfulness, exceptionally addictive once you build up the abilities expected to play well.

Regardless of whether you’re new to the round of Carrom or you’ve been playing for a long time, you will see there is a wide assortment of boards that you can discover on the web. It can very well be intimidating to realize the correct board or brand to choose, so we first dive into a few important factors to help you through the process.

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Tips on choosing the right-fit Carrom Board

There are various kinds of carrom boards that are accessible through the web, online and through offline stores as well, at a wide assortment of costs. The Americanized adaptation of “Carrom,” first made in 1896, is a two-sided game board with chess, backgammon, checkers, and up to 100 other distinctive board-games included. These boards, with their thin edge, slim playing surface, and huge pockets, are economical and don’t have the same line of playing attributes from the guidelines of the “ICF – International Standard” games played around the world.


A basic factor to consider when purchasing a carrom board is the cost. Know that there is a stiff competition amongst the best carrom board in India. A large portion of these, make items for the Indian market where quality control is remiss. Our boards are increasingly costly on the grounds that we supply items just from the best three makers on the planet: Synco, Precise, and Surco, with whom we have a quarter-century relationship. These organizations have been providing the universal and ICF rivalry showcase for quite a long time and better comprehend the necessities of Western buyers.


The size of the carrom board is another significant factor to consider while buying one, particularly from online stores where you can’t truly examine the item. With the exception in the form of the Synco Youth board, estimating 24″ x 24,” most online outlets convey just ICF Standard 29″ x 29″ boards with an assortment of edges and playing surface thicknesses. Bigger boards, like that of the 36″ assortment or the Pakistani “dabbu” sheets, are not commonly accessible across the globe.

Level of Game

There are boards for amateurs, intermediates as well as professional players, and every assortment has its own material necessity. With that in mind, it is imperative that the heavier a board you may find, the higher is the degree of play. The thickness of the playing surface influences the level and smoothness of the striker’s movement and the enormity of the edge decides the quantity of bounce back one can anticipate. You can easily identify by the heaviness of the board as to what level of play can be envisioned.


The ideal carrom board frames are completely made of strong wood and the majority of them have a layer of Formica decorated into the edge to refute distortion from the striker, expanding bounce back and the exactness of deflection. A significant number of such boards include Baltic Birch playing surfaces, the conventional wood of decision for competitions, yet Indian ply, just as MDF/Birch facade sheets, are progressively mainstream.

With the crucial factors ticked off the way, now let’s take a look at the best carrom brands in India to consider.

Best Carrom Board Brands in India

1. Synco

Synco carrom boards are one of the top carrom board brands in India and across the globe. They produce top-notch, smooth sheets with a broad assortment of carrom items. The boards accompany carrom coins, carrom powders, and different adornments for a quality play. These fine boards are likewise provided to the Indian carrom group for home and outdoor levels of play.

2. Precise Sports

Precise carrom boards are probably the biggest exporter of carrom sheets. The sheets are fabricated with top-notch compressed wood, for example, the English Birch. Different sorts of carrom boards are accessible in this brand like Monitor, Amature, Champion, Jumbo, Deluxe and so on. The cost of these sheets changes with their size and model.

3. Surco

Surco carrom boards are additionally a leading maker of top-class carrom sheets. This brand is suggested by the ICF (International carrom Federation) and the AICF (All-Indian carrom Federation). These sheets are quite comfortable to play for all age-groups over 12 years. Gigantic and Bulldog kind of sheets is looked as the most sought-after models in this brand.

4. Vinex

Vinex is one of the main marks amongst the best Brands of Carrom Board in India. Their items are sold everywhere throughout the world. The organization is renowned for its nature of athletic gear and adornments. This organization was set up in 1957 and has developed into a huge maker of marked items with numerous outlets everywhere throughout the world. Their expert carrom sheets and carrom powders are purchased by numerous players for its fine structure, modest valuing and smooth surface.

5. Stag

Stag carrom boards are the most-often purchased carrom board brand. These sheets are cost-effective and are of high-caliber. Their carrom board models are made for easygoing play and club games as well. The organization likewise sells carrom frill like coins, powder, and stands. The Championship model is a renowned model among its different array of items.

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6. JD Sports

JD sports carrom board is one of the top producers of carrom sheets. Their items incorporate different models of carrom board, for example, wooden and ich sheets. This brand additionally delivers sheets for little youngsters as well. These items are of various sizes, for example, the 32-inch, 42-inch, and 52-inch variations. Their pricing contrasts from size to measure and from one model to the next.

J D Sports Carrom Board (Medium, Black)
70 Reviews

7. GSI Khel Mandir

The GSI carrom sheets, curtailed as the Garg Sports International are a perceived brand when it comes to the 10 best carrom board brands in India. This brand is popular for its smooth-surfaced sheets and protection from twisting. All sheets fabricated by GSI are waterproof and are of high-caliber. The boards are accessible in little, medium and huge sizes. The most well-known is the 29×29 sized board. The coins are sturdy and have a re-skipping caliber.

8. Suzuki Carrom Boards

Suzuki carrom boards are an iconic provider of fine-quality carrom sheets. This brand produces sheets for standard play and for competition games. Their ongoing discharge is the Championship model with a wheeled stand. They come in earthy colored and dark shaded outskirts.

9. Siscaa

Siscaa is a popular brand in numerous Asian nations, for example, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. They are planned exceptionally and beautifully which appeals to the clients to get it. The unique component of these boards is that they are impervious to water and other fluid spillages. It is consequently simple to keep up these sheets. This board has been utilized in numerous global competitions since 2015.

10. Uber Games

Uber is one of the well-known carrom board fabricating organizations on the planet. Their sheets are made of best-quality compressed wood and splendid coins and a smooth striker. The sheets accompany a couple of additional coins (dark, red and earthy colored) notwithstanding the typical number. They are cost-proficient and at par with the present-day look. One can likewise purchase these boards alongside a little unit box to keep the coins, striker and powder bottle.

Others Notable Brands:

Korners Sky

This band bargains solely in carrom sheets. The brand was built up in 1974, and they are conveying superb quality carrom boards at the best costs. The sheets are accessible in little, medium and huge sizes. Korners Sky offers a smooth playing surface and an incredible bounce back. You can purchase this carrom board to appreciate this game with your loved ones and make some great memories. These sheets are high in quality and best in-line pricing.


An additional name in the field of Carrom Boards is of Virlok that is a Meerut-based brand. It offers quality athletic gear. Virlok Carrom sheets are created with manual gifted and excellent material that offers a smooth surface and better playing conditions to carrom players.


Along these lines, these were the 10 best carrom board brands in India that are talked about. The round of carrom likewise causes the children to ace critical thinking and intellectual abilities. One should always consider the best brand while purchasing a carrom board as it is difficult to get it over and over. You ought to consistently attempt to purchase the waterproof and sans-scratch one with the goal that you can play it both indoor and open air. Be astute and pick the best!

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