10 Best Brands of Instant Noodles in India 2023

While there are a few of us who have been interested or bold enough to wander out and attempt various flavors, a few of us despite everything stay uncertain about the best instant noodles in India that are worth attempting. Subsequently, in this article, we will examine how you can pick the best instant noodles brands for yourself, and furthermore give you a rundown of the best 10 best ones accessible on the web.

We start the day frequently in view of just one idea, to reach somewhere in time. What’s more, regularly while doing that we neglect to deal with ourselves. We neglect to scrub down, to wear cologne, to put on that tie you guaranteed yourself you’d wear, and regularly even to eat anything to launch our day. The most significant supper of the day and we are disregarding it because of lack of time!

All things considered, there are a few people out there who have the perfect items for us. Instant noodles have now become a simple trade for breakfast that in any case sets aside a long effort to prepare, the time that we could spend in preparing or washing up that we would settle on. As items like Maggi, Yippee, Ching’s Secret, and so forth are entering the market individuals are likewise getting the decisions that they have to improve the taste and one of a kind than only one.

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Top 10 Brands of Instant Noodles in India for 2021

1. Maggi Instant Noodles

Maggi 2-Minute Masala Instant Noodles, 70 grams (Pack of 12)
57,933 Reviews
Maggi 2-Minute Masala Instant Noodles, 70 grams (Pack of 12)
  • MAGGI 2-Minute Masala Noodles is an instant noodles brand manufactured by Nestle
  • Made with the finest quality spices and ingredients
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Ready in 2 minutes, perfect meal for a hang out or house party
  • Contains a noodle cake and the Favorite Masala Tastemaker inside, for a quick 2 minute preparation

The unsurpassed top pick, Maggi Masala Noodles, is the conspicuous decision for the number 1 instant noodles. It comes in varieties of packs containing 8 packs of noodles, which makes it incredible for the individuals who are wanting to load up for test season dusk ’til dawn affairs.

There’s very little clarification required for the taste as these have the exemplary Maggi flavor, and they’re veggie lover, so they’re not restricted to non-vegans either. One of the individual packs is normally enough to fulfill cravings for food, however, in the event that you have a greater hunger, you can have more than one as well. Available in Desi Cheesy, Chatpata Tomato, HongKong Spicy Garlic, and plenty of others, Maggi easily remains to be the top choice of Instant Noodles in India.

2. Knorr Soupy Noodles

Knorr Mast Masala Soupy Noodles, 77g
45 Reviews
Knorr Mast Masala Soupy Noodles, 77g
  • Your favorite masala noodles with the goodness of vegetables in a spicy and slurpy noodle soup
  • Your favorite masala noodles with the goodness of vegetables in a spicy and slurpy noodle soup
  • Your favorite masala noodles with the goodness of vegetables in a spicy and slurpy noodle soup

Knorr’s excursion starts in 1838 when Carl Heinrich Knorr opened up a production line in Germany’s Heilbronn to flexibly chicory to the espresso business.

Mr. Knorr began trying different things with vegetables and seasonings by drying them, to protect their flavor and dietary benefit. This arrangement of trials prompted Knorr’s first huge advancement which propelled them right away into the market of dried soup in Europe in 1873 over the entire of Europe. This further prompted its ascent and mechanical progression which empowered it to make their essence felt outside of the mainland as well.

Today Knorr’s items can be found the world over and have a really respectable portion of the market with a fortification in the round of moment noodles as well. Despite the fact that it’s undertaking isn’t excessively old, it won’t be astute to state that Knorr’s essence is felt any lesser around there. Its opponents are confronting entirely firm rivalry from it and I question that this warmth is ever going to chill off.

3. Sunfeast YiPPee Noodles

Yippee Sunfeast Noodles, Magic Masala, 240 g, 4 in One Pack
44 Reviews
Yippee Sunfeast Noodles, Magic Masala, 240 g, 4 in One Pack

  • Quantity: 240 g

  • 4 in One Pack

  • Adds taste to your food

The individuals who favor level noodles, just as the individuals who need to attempt moment noodles in a hot, tomato-based sauce, might want this item. It is totally vegan, and its flavor is interestingly like that of Punjabi styled curries, which is the reason it appeals to most Indians.

It is marginally spicier than Maggi, so we wouldn’t suggest it for kids, or for the individuals who are frail with flavors. It is additionally a lot saucier than Maggi, so in the event that you don’t care for that, and need your noodles to be drier, at that point this is most likely not the correct item for you. It, likewise, offers a fitting challenge to the race for the best Instant noodles in India.

4. Haldiram’s Vermicelli

An adaptable base element for an assortment of Indian dinners, from breakfast to dessert. These slender noodle choices make flavorful noodles, velvety sweet kheers, fiery upmas, and heavenly pulao too.  The contents of the product come in the form of  Carbohydrates, Sugar, Fat, Protein, Fiber, and Cholesterol – all in the right proportions.

5. Nissin Cup Noodles

Cup Noodles Mazedaar Masala, 70g
2,484 Reviews
Cup Noodles Mazedaar Masala, 70g
  • This product has traditional taste of masala flavour
  • Just add boiling water and keep for 3 minutes and after 3 minutes, stir and enjoy the noodles
  • Country of Origin: India

In case you’re going climbing, outdoors, or on an excursion with certain companions, and need enough moment noodles to impart to everybody, this is the item for you. You get 2 cups every one of the 3 distinct flavors, and they’re all vegan as well. They accompany a fork inside, so you would just need to mastermind heated water to eat these noodles!

The measure of noodles you get in each cup isn’t excessively, however, so while they’re alright as tidbits, you’ll most likely need something notwithstanding these to top yourself off. Besides, these are somewhat costly in the event that you think about the size, and in the event that you’re not an enthusiast of the considerable number of flavors, at that point, it probably won’t be justified, despite all the trouble for you.

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6. MTR Vermicelli

Attempt this 100% Suji based vermicelli, its sound, nutritious, and can be utilized to make a scope of magnificent sweet and appetizing dishes, to fulfill the tastebuds of everybody in the family. This brand has a considerable market share of instant noodles in India for all the good reasons.

7. Bambino Vermicelli

Bambino Vermicelli Pouch, 150g
106 Reviews
Bambino Vermicelli Pouch, 150g
  • Vermicelli pouch
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Made from sooji and rawa, used for pulao, upma and kheer preparation and untouched by hand

A brand of Instant Noodles that provides Ready-to-cook, Tasty & Time-saving noodles that is untouched by hand is one of the best brands of instant noodles available in India. The maximum shelf life for these products is generally 24 Months.

8. Nongshim Instant Noodles

Nongshim Ramyun Korean Style Spicy Noodle Soup Instant Noodles (Pack of 5)
9,006 Reviews
Nongshim Ramyun Korean Style Spicy Noodle Soup Instant Noodles (Pack of 5)
  • Easy to cook, and ready in a couple of minutes
  • World's No.1 Selling Korean Noodle
  • It is durable and long lasting

This brand of Shin Ramyun Noodle has an incredible taste coming with 5 Packs inside a single packet. Since its improvement in October 1986, Shin Ramyun has been consistently cherished up to this point.

At present, there is a normal of 3 million deals of Shin Ramyun every day, meaning about 25% of the complete market for Ramyun in Korea. It is perceived as having phenomenal incredible accomplishment in the market for Ramyun. In Korea, however, the exceptional fiery kind of Shin Ramyun likewise cherished in 80 abroad nations, for example, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

9. Samyang Ramen Noodles

Samyang 2xspicy Buldak Hot Chicken Rice Noodles 185gm
113 Reviews
Samyang 2xspicy Buldak Hot Chicken Rice Noodles 185gm
  • 2XSpicy Hot Chicken Topokki
  • Ready to eat microwavable bowl
  • Contains topokki and the sauce

The individuals who need to challenge their zest opposition and need to have a go at something unbelievably zesty ought to go for these noodles. They accompany chopsticks, so you won’t have to plan anything besides high temp water to have these. Despite the fact that they’re cup noodles, we suggest having them at home as you would require milk, yogurt, or the bathroom.

They are extremely hot, however, so we would caution every one of the individuals who are feeble with flavors to avoid these. Also, these Korean Instant noodles in India contain chicken, so they’re constrained to non-veggie lovers. They’re likewise not the best for normal utilization since this degree of fieriness might agitate your stomach.

10. Ching’s Secret Noodles

Ching's Manchurian Instant Noodles 240 gm
1,169 Reviews
Ching's Manchurian Instant Noodles 240 gm
  • YUMMY FLAVOR: Tired of eating same Masala Noodles? Try Ching's Manchurian Noodles which brings the authentic essence of street-style Manchurian into your kitchen within minutes
  • DELICIOUS SNACK: Easy to Cook, Tasty and Nutritious – perfect for a quick, instant, and filling meal. Ab Desi-Chinese Ka Mazaa Minton Mein
  • SEASONING MIX INSIDE: Ching’s Secret Manchurian Noodles comes with Seasoning Mix sachets to give a zabardast Chinese twist and aroma to your noodles
  • EASY RECIPE: Now make restaurant-like Chinese at home with Ching’s Chinese easy to cook in just 3 steps. Boil 250 ml of water. Add one noodle cake and one seasoning mix with boiling water and cook for 2-3 mins, stir occasionally, and serve hot
  • 100% VEGETARIAN NOODLES: There’s only one Chinese food brand that can make desi hearts beat faster – Ching’s Chinese is Desi Chinese. Maa Kasam Mindblowing Hai!

Ching’s is one more brand that moved up the trash from Maggi’s breakdown and assumed control over a portion of the market to increase a purchaser base that will be exceptionally difficult to remove for even an organization as immense as Nestle. Concocting a line of items they alluded to as “Desi Chinese”, Ching’s begun to lead the hearts of the shopper’s privilege as they entered.

Their items went from moment noodles, to blend to soups and all of their items are sufficient to draw out your taste buds even resurrected. For the individuals who love Chinese, and hot, Ching’s Secret is unquestionably the best approach.


The instant noodle market has grown immensely in the last few years, therefore the variety of noodles has also increased. There was a time where we only had the Stallworth of Maggi widely available in India. The extent was that from a brand, that it turned into the name of a food dish, but now there’re Indonesian and Korean noodles on the market as well! We hope this article helped you understand and analyze how you can choose the best instant noodles in India for yourself. We also hope our list of the top 10 best instant noodles online introduced you to some new and unique brands and flavors that you might not have known or tried before!


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