Top 10 Blanket Brands in India 2023

Blankets are the most broadly perceived and huge part of bedtime and that is the inspiration why you can without a doubt find a lot of blankets in a home. They keep you warm in the winter just as update the solace of the room and give it an all outlook. Warm blankets are apparently the best thing that one can consider all through the winter. As winter is on its way, you ought to pick a warm and pleasant one for the winter that can be from one of the best blanket brands in India to provide you the ultimate comfort.

There are different blanket manufacturers that are available in the Indian market that are offering quality blankets at a completely reasonable expense. Nevertheless, before buying you should consider a couple of factors like the cost, nature of the blanket and so much more. Everyone should pick the best quality blankets to fulfill their needs. If you are in doubt regarding which is the best brand? Surely, we have picked a bit of the best blanket company in India that are of high bore and fit in your budget.  We make your purchase more straightforward and pick under your budgetary arrangement.

Best Blanket Brands in India

If you are looking for a sensitive delicate blanket, you may put a full stop to your search. Your blanket should bring you comfort and warmness worth every penny paid. It is clearly difficult to choose the best from various blankets out there available, yet here are the 10 best we have come up with. Autonomous of the brand, the two crucial things that you should envision from a couch bed is comfort and warmth. Considering these factors will help you with buying the best couch bed in the market inside your spending plan.

Make an effort not to scrutinize ten locales and experience the torture of overview 1000 things, ending up perplexing yourself. We have recorded the 10  best blanket brands in India easily available online to help you with picking just from the best.

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo

This solid double comforter has an appealing machine-sewed setup that keeps the filling sturdy and in place. Loaded up with 200 GSM empty siliconized polyester, Solimo blankets are intended to keep you warm and comfortable. Ideal for utilization during gentle winters and in cooled rooms, this lightweight blanket is ideal for regular use. Using 100% microfibre outside shell for a rich and sumptuous feel, Solimo is one of the best blanket brands in India for heavy winter. Each Solimo item is painstakingly worked to convey uncommon quality.

The refreshing color can improve the stylistic layout of your room while giving an unequaled degree of solace. The cover has a hypoallergenic filling which ensures against allergens. Directly from the materials utilized, to point by point quality checks, to insightful enhancements, quality is at the center of all Solimo products. Premium quality and extraordinary worth go inseparably for Solimo.

Our top picks from Amazon Brand – Solimo:

2. Cloth Fusion

This silky soft mink blanket is made with great material to deal with your necessities to keep you warm prepared to feel its tremendous sensitivity and experience its toughness. It is formed as a standard Indian style heavy mink blanket. This double blanket is not only lightweight but is a great choice with regard to style and solace. With a single layer of navy color and floral print, this blanket can be washed in washing machines even in cold water. This blanket is super delicate and is great for every day and sporadic use.

Interestingly this blanket is made for winter and prepared to use it all throughout the whole year. The solidness and nature of this sweeping are ensured by the maker and it won’t lose the shading over the long haul. This blanket can be carried along with for an excursion or you can cuddle under it in the alcove while seeing the TV.

Our top picks from Cloth Fusion:

3. AmazonBasics

Cuddle up in unadulterated non-abrasiveness with the AmazonBasics super-soft double-sided micro mink sherpa blanket that can prove to be one of the best brands for blanket in India. This desired faux hide blanket is all you need on a nippy night to inundate yourself in warmth. Immaculate as a quilt for a room or visitor room, or just as a throw for your sofa, this rich cover gives you the look and feel of genuine hide and wool utilizing quality elective materials. With a negligible, contemporary look, it fits in wonderfully with your current stylistic layout.

You’ll struggle to choose which side to twist up on, with two particularly rich decisions. Shrouded in super delicate micro mink polyester on one side and cloud-like fake sherpa downy on the other, the AmazonBasics cover offers twofold sided, all-season comfort at its absolute best.

This all-season blanket keeps you comfortable without a ton of additional mass. Its wrinkle-free polyester development avoids build-up and pet hair and can be effectively machine washed on cool or warm water, at that point air-dried to keep up structure and surface.

Our top picks from AmazonBasics:

4. Divine Casa

Divine Casa blankets are intended to keep you warm and comfortable, one of the best quilt brands in India with an array of products. Ideal for use during gentle winters and in cooled rooms, these are produced using an unadulterated microfiber outside shell for a rich and sumptuous feel. Exceptionally delicate and lightweight stitches keep you snuggled up for extended periods. Reversible with colorful contrast yet unobtrusive prints can keep you calm and are great for regular use. The empty siliconized microfiber makes this blanket a decent measure of warmth energy which makes it ideal for light winters and nippy evenings.

The blanket is sewed utilizing a precious stone sewing which helps keep the filling set up. You won’t experience any awkward protuberances or knocks as they are knitted utilizing the most recent innovation machines. These comforters are made of high-quality miniature fiber yarns that remain wrinkle-free for the years to come. Smooth and delicate, it gives an agile and current search for any room. Machine-wash in cool water, tumble dry on low warmth and don’t fade, launder, or iron. For better solidness, it is suggested that you spread the blanket with cotton texture.

This expertly custom-made air conditioning cover is delicate to the touch. It additionally makes an ideal present for occasions. All-season blanket intended for all year use, this knitted comforter makes the ideal expansion to any room.

Our top picks from Divine Casa:

5. Global Home

This double blanket from Global Home can make you fall in love with it and is one of the best quality blanket brands in India. This one is lightweight and could be best for nearly anybody. It accompanies a cutting edge design that could pull in anybody and offer a relieving experience. The super delicate outside that the microfiber offers doesn’t remain second to no different blankets. In contrast to different items on this rundown, this one can be utilized both as a bed blanket and entryway cover. Both these could offer the most extreme quality and advantages.

With a  400 TC, this 100% polyester microfiber blanket with a converse side has a super delicate smooth textured feel, ideal for the skin in keeping you warm. This mink blanket is absolutely agreeable and can be easily machine washed or even, hand washed, making this one of the best plush blankets in India. The lively tone and embellishing configuration to any room while additionally helping you to keep uncommonly warm on those nippy winter evenings. Mitigating to the touch, this scope of mink blanket has a surface and feel of thick hide permitting you to sift your fingers through.

Our top picks from Global Home:

6. Selective

With this ultra microfiber blanket to give you a rich dozing experience, you can never go wrong. Ideal for use during mellow winters and in cooled rooms, this lightweight blanket is ideal for regular and heavy use. Selective blankets are produced using an unadulterated microfiber outside the shell for a rich and sumptuous feel. The blanket is sewed utilizing a jewel sewing which helps keep the filling setup sturdy and the filling from moving that accompanies a tough and slick convey sack. You won’t experience any awkward irregularities or knocks with this blanket. This delicate, cushy fiber-filled cloud molded bed blanket guarantees quality sleep.

It is extraordinary compared to other fiber of its sort and keeps up the thickness of an item for a lifetime. The cover has a hypoallergenic filling that secures against allergens. If you are after a substantial, simple to keep up and incredibly warm cover that looks astonishing and gives a warm and comfortable inclination notwithstanding the temperature outside, this blanket from Selective can be one of the best blanket brands in India to choose from.

Alongside an extraordinary plan and a decent size, which makes it an incredible purchase for the clients is the 5-inch thickness that consummately manages the coldest temperature in the city. It is super easy to wash in the machine even in cool water.

Our top picks from Selective:

7. Homecrust

If you are looking for a double blanket with a low sticker price and that accompanies a superior touch on it, your search will finally end here. Made with 100% microfiber polyester and having a delicate and rich completion makes it an ideal one for most noticeably terrible winters and all different seasons too. Highly comfortable, it is sure to be delicate and hotter than different blankets for winters in its class and its best material is shrivel safe.

This straightforward yet exquisite blanket has two unique sides, one side is smooth, and the other is extravagant, you can say its a mix of two layers in one. The blanket is great and keeps you warm even in air conditioned rooms during summers. The strong shading of this bed blanket is appealing. This blanket is thermally protected that empowers it to keep you warm in winter. Being machine launderable even in chilly water, it is advantageous and simple to utilize.

Our top picks from Homecrust:

8. Clasiko

This blanket is extraordinary compared to other fiber of its sort and keeps up the thickness of an item for a lifetime. This double bed blanket is ideally to be utilized in chilly climate, winters, chilling forced air systems, and at cold places. This blanket from Clasiko, presented by a well-prestigious brand, the Home Story is truly agreeable and delicate in texture. The blanket accompanies a colorfastness to ensure and will get no air pockets on the texture. The range presented by Clasiko is an all-fashioner and specially designed. The textures, prints, and mixes incorporate contemporary, current, and customary.

This quilt is a three-layered blanket with micro cotton on both the sides in the middle of sewing with synchronized fiber. The double bed blanket or you may state it quilt additionally comes in beautiful shading prints and plans. There is an enormous assortment to be picked doing equity with each age gathering. The cover has a hypoallergenic filling that secures against allergens. The sweeping accompanies a reversible element and can be utilized on the two sides. Clasiko being one of the brands with the best blankets for winters in India, the blankets can be used both in bed and as a throw for recliners.

Our top picks from Clasiko:

9. Goyal’s

This mink blanket from Goyal’s is described by its unfathomable weight, delicateness, and warmth. This embellished cover is produced using fine acrylic fiber which empowers warmth even in the extraordinary climatic conditions. These blankets are thick and extravagant yet light in weight giving the most extreme solace that can be handily carried during vacations. The blanket has a superior padding impact for improved comfort. They don’t shed and would keep going for quite a long time.

They can be machine washed without any worries. The normal cosmetics of a mink cover is 85% acrylic and 15% polyester. The acrylic supplies the delicate quality while the polyester keeps the mink cover from wrinkling. The cover of Goyal’s superior quality mink blanket, has a hypoallergenic filling that ensures against allergens. Made in India with current South Korean machines and innovation, this blanket has an alleviating tone and dynamic embellished style that can be the best expansion to your room basics.

Our top picks from Goyal’s:

10. Warmland

This warm mink blanket from Warmland is truly agreeable and delicate in texture. The blanket is super soft for utilization during mellow winters and in cooled rooms. This all-season blanket is wrinkle-free and retains colored even after regular heavy use and multiple washes.  This delicate blanket from Warmland comes from one of the best kambal brands in India that is also pocket friendly. The brilliantly hued blanket can upgrade the style of your room while giving an unequaled degree of solace.

The cover has a hypoallergenic filling that ensures against allergens. Machine sewed to save the filling set up for the solidness. This is one of the prime decisions that you can make for this winter because of the material utilized. The Polyester made cover is extremely warm and is very enormous for a double bed. The non-abrasiveness of the material gives an elevated level of comfort. This can be effortlessly washed too. The lightweight cover accompanies botanical themes to all the more likely suits at home.

Our top picks from Warmland:


One of the most essential elements of winter, the right choice of the blanket brand can make a huge difference in your comforting levels during the chilly times of the year. Analyze the benefits, USPs, and positives of each of the best brands of blanket for winter in India that we have covered, and select the ideal one for your needs. Gear up for the winters, right away!

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