Top 10 Bicycle Brands in India 2024

In case there is one ordinary memory every Indian kid will regard and grow up with, it is the place where we experience days endeavoring to sort out some way to ride a bicycle with our people steadying us all through the outing. It spoke to advancement, opportunity when we can cycle with no assistance, and a good giggle with our people who become busy with time. Take a gander at the wide extent of the best bicycle brands in India available easily online and go crazy with its shocking style and plan.

This is the explanation: picking a bicycle that transforms into a bit of an Indian family for a significant long time, expects acclaim for a youth’s wellbeing, and goes probably as a groundwork for quality, is a basic task. With cycling getting acclaimed in India, a lot of good cycles brands have opened up their scopes in India. Here are the principal 10 brands for bicycles to help you with making the choice. The idea is to just cause a tremendous resource where you can find all the best bicycle brands in India alone once-over.

Best Bicycle Brands in India

1. BSA

BSA is a popular and perceived brand in India. This brand was set up by Murugappa Group in a joint effort with Tube Investments from the UK. They additionally own a ton of other notable cycles brands in India. BSA has been pioneers in dispatching a portion of the first’s in the Indian market. They were the first to dispatch an MTB, ladies cycle, kids cycle, equipped cycle, and so on in India.  This is one of those brands that you will clearly discover in even the littlest bike shop in any city.

It is a portion of the BSA stores and gives the specific quality that a young lady needs. BSA ladybird is one of the best bikes for women in India. With incorporated steel transporter, caliper brakes with PVC lever, pre-installed mudguard, dress guard, and kick start, this is one of the best bicycle brands in India.

Our top picks from BSA:

2. Btwin

Btwin is a cycling brand possessed by a French organization Decathlon. All the games energetic groups would without a doubt recognize what Decathlon is. Decathlon cycles division was framed in 1976. It was later authoritatively renamed as Btwin in the year 2006. The decathlon organization was framed with the target of making athletic gear and tracksuits more reasonable for everybody over the globe. Their cycling image Btwin has a similar goal. They make extraordinary quality bicycles at reasonable costs. On the off chance that you are searching for some an incentive for cash you pay, go for these bicycles.

Btwin Cycles from Decathlon are extraordinary execution bicycles at low cost and the riverside cycles permit you to switch among streets and rough terrain. With wide and agreeable PU MTB saddle, HL SP200 steel Seatpost, stop easy brakes, and VP level pedals these bicycles are one of a kind. Also, you get an additional lifetime guarantee on the casing and fork. The brand guarantees quality, toughness, and robustness of their bicycles.

Our top picks from Btwin:

3. Firefox

Firefox is one of the uncommon free Indian brands that had the option to cut a name for themselves in the top-notch bike market. They were fruitful to such an extent that Hero cycles later procured them in the year. They have items in practically all classes like children, women, city, rough terrain MTBs, performance bikes as BMX cycles. With conveyance to most pieces of the nation, this brand gives the best adornments and professional assistance to its users. Their ‘Regular Ability’ crusade is a genuine and significant social activity.

Firefox bicycles are one of the quickly developing premium cycling brands in India, gained by Hero cycles. Firefox cycles offer a wide scope of very good quality bikes and are considered one of the best bicycle brands in India. Firefox bicycles and bike additionally has crossover with joined highlights of the city and rough terrain bicycles. The Firefox Bruto is based on a steel hardtail outline that is light and tough and the edge offers great solidness.

With V-Brake for power slowing down, Seat post mind QR for a simple change, front suspension, MTB handlebars, reflectors, and double divider edges for additional quality these bicycles can be an ultimate choice for your pick. The Firefox Grunge D is based on an MTB explicit steel outline which is sturdy and solid. The casing offers great steadiness.

Our top picks from Firefox:

4. Atlas

This brand was set up in 1950. In the event that you are somebody conceived in the 1960’s/70’s, this is a brand that you will recollect quite well. This organization was set up by Shri Janki Das Kapur to serve the necessities of the average person of India. The requirement for a financially savvy method of transportation. Atlas has made considerable progress from those days. Despite the fact that they have not lost the initiative situation in the Indian bike market, they actually have a few quality models to bring to the table.

Altas Crest and Atlas Weapon are a portion of their top-selling models right now. Altas likewise sells cycles for youngsters. They have some great models that kids truly love. The organization propelled endless energy and has the ability to make 4 billion bikes per year. Atlas is continually attempting to advance the items with innovation, quality, and norms. The bikes are most appropriate for quick everyday drives and quicker weekend rides with a durable and strong steel outline which is less inclined to harm and simple to keep up over the long haul.

With appealing lively casing plan for sturdiness and wellbeing, robust edge, hardcore, and substantial tires for better solace and street grasp, PU froth saddle with spring for additional solace and padding, reverse slide tires with interesting grippers for elusive riding conditions,  rigging framework which makes climbs all the more simple and agreeable, coordinated back transporter for toughness and conveying school packs and so forth are the advanced features of Atlas cycles.

Our top picks from Atlas:

5. Kross

The Kross cycles that you purchase in India, is a sub-brand of the Hero gathering. In contrast to the clean brand, this specific brand zero in additional on reasonableness. The brand is intended for novice or easygoing rides and not prepared riders. Since this brand additionally has a place with the Hero gathering of organizations, you will have the option to readily find these bicycles. Kross Cycles are intended to take on extreme streets and turfs.

With ergonomically planned MTB ERW steel tubes outline cheeky with suspension and appealing design casing, fork suspension,  MTB twofold curve type with broadened stem and delicate grasps for additional solace, front and back v-brake set with amalgam switch and brake links with grinding free housings for successful slowing down, steel dark with plastic covered shape wrench and plastic twofold chain wheel, specially planned froth cushioned additional solace saddle with brisk delivery, stylish sap shaped enemy of slide body reflectorized pedals, these bicycles can be easily considered one of the best bicycle brands in India.

Our top picks from Kross:

6. Avon

Avon is additionally among the most established cycle brands in India. They began as a cycle seat and brake fabricating organization in 1948. Avon cycles began fabricating bikes in 1951. This organization was set up by Pahwa siblings in Punjab. They have faith in offering a decent quality item at a truly reasonable cost. This organization before long developed into perhaps the biggest cycle makers in India. The previous plans were exceptionally straightforward and were focused on the everyday person of India. Today, they offer all assortments of cycles with an advanced and polished look.

The organization roped in Tiger Shroff for its missions. Avon is another most famous brand of Indian cycle and developed as one of the biggest selling bike brands in India, offering in excess of 200 unique models of cycles. Steel welded suspension frame with the inbuilt carrier, suspension fork, PVC stylish M/G with retro-reflective tape, V-Brakes with aluminum combination lever, PU cushion with Qr, front and rear disk brake, alloy rims are some of the features you should look out for.

Our top picks from Avon:

7. Hero

Hero is one of the best bicycle brands in India. The more present-day arrangement is the ‘Sprint’ which has a scope of bikes by which they have been dispatched as workers or city bikes. Legend as a brand is known for selling a spending bike with satisfactory quality at a great cost. The greatest bit of leeway of purchasing brands like Hero is that you have a ton of alternatives to browse. You will definitely discover a bike to you loving in their immense scope of alternatives.

Based out of Ludhiana Punjab, it fares in excess of 70 nations as well as been dynamic in India with different models for sixty years at this point. With coil spring suspension speed shifters, front derailleur, cup and cone freewheel, half combination with reflector tube, Shunfeng-grating free tire, comfort PU saddle change, alloy snappy delivery stem these bicycles ate of great quality. Few other advancements are Kraton elastic headset, steel raised handlebar, caliper brakes, and mechanical circle and plate brakes.

Our top picks from Hero:

8. Montra

Montra can be named as an Indian brand that is taking on a portion of the International brands as far as quality and evaluating. They can be sorted as a mid-portion brand. The nature of their bikes is greatly improved compared with the passage level bicycles. In any case, in the event that you take a gander at how they are estimated, most of their models are a great incentive for cash. You will discover a lot of their models included in the rundown of the best bikes in India.

The organization trusts in riding bikes first, giving numerous models, a guarantee, and extra bicycle extras as and when it is required. Montra cycles offer a scope of city and trailblazing bicycles just as RTB, manufactured uniquely for streets and mountains. With V-brakes, aluminum alloy casing, inbuilt mudguard, reflectors these

Our top picks from Montra:

9. Hercules

Hercules is additionally from the stable of TI cycles India. The main Hercules cycle was made in the year 1951. Hercules was likewise the first brand to present mountain bikes in quite a while. Indeed, even now, their MTBs are among the smash hits in the nation making the brand one of the best bicycle brands in India. These models actually include a portion of the top-selling bikes in India. Recently, their sub-image Hercules Roadeo has been mainstream with the youth. Being one of India’s top-rated cycle brands, their items are effectively accessible online.

The benefit of purchasing such a mainstream brand is that you get them overhauled without any problem. Resonating the brand name with the Greek superhuman, Hercules’s scope of bikes is one of the leader cycle brands of Murugappa Group, possessed by the Murugappa family and furthermore has a presence in a few portions including Cholamandalam Investment and Tube Investments of India. Hercules gear cycles have stunning highlights and represent quality and steadfastness. The specialty features in their bicycles are power V-brakes, double cylinder steel casing, inbuilt mudguard, reflectors, elliptical suspensions, and curved guards.

Our top picks from Hercules:

10. Geekay

GeeKay presents the most dependable bike items to engage your rides with quality, assortment, and adaptability. They are committed to giving top-notch bicycles and bike parts since 1961. Aside from our cutting edge yet conventional cycles, they bargain in embellishments for bikes and cycle parts. The fittings and embellishments arrive in an assortment of particulars to suit the requirements of various types of cycling vehicles. Geekay flourishes to accomplish the highest caliber of all products by utilizing the best innovation in best in class office and Industry rehearses in the association.

With an exceptionally solid quality control framework and everybody in the association is committed to fabricating imperfection free quality items. Along with knowledgeable and spurred staff to accomplish any objective offered to them and simultaneously defeat any snags that come in the manner. The bicycles come loaded with endless advanced features and are in complete sync with the purpose you wish to buy them for.

Our top picks from Geekay:


Bicycles have forever been the best compliments to individuals in many different ways and at different situations. They have been utilized by many of us for varying purposes. We hope that this rundown of the best bicycle brands in India should help you in easing your buying decision for the optimal bicycle for yourself. Choose wisely and shop responsibly.

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