Top 10 Best Belt Brands in India 2024

When assembling an outfit, or taking off shopping to put resources into belts for some new go-to looks, one of the fundamental embellishments that can often go ignored is the belt. Something other than a gadget to hold up your jeans or shorts, the best belt brands in India are basic embellishment organizations for any man worth his upscale salt. Consider them being similarly as, if not more, significant than ties, watches, and gems.

In any case, it’s normal for folks to get their belt wrong, albeit, in fact, it’s not totally to their inconvenience, as numerous modest belt brands are similarly as a lot to censure for putting out belts that are simply terrible.

Let’s dig in deeper to learn more and discover interesting facts about these accessories.

Types of Belts Available in India

With tons of belts available in different shapes, patterns and designs, we make things easier for you in choosing the right fit for yourself to match the garments you are going to adore. Here the different types of offerings from the best belt brands in India that are worth your attention.

A. Formal Belts

With regards to tracking down the best belt brands to coordinate with your fitting, width and material are the main variables. A formal belt will be calfskin and somewhat more slender than a casual one. Shading truly relies upon the shade of the suit and what different cowhides you’re wearing. A chestnut belt and shoes with a naval force suit, for instance, is an immortal mix that consistently looks great. If all else fails, however, it’s difficult to turn out badly with a dark belt and coordinating with shoes.

B. Casual Leather & Suede Belts

For shrewd casual clothing standards or simply fundamental everyday obligations a casual leather or softened cowhide belt is the go-to choice. These will in general be somewhat more extensive than their formal partners and clasps can be more detailed than a basic tongue conclusion. Try not to go excessively detailed, mind – focus on “exemplary and ageless” instead of ‘WWE wrestler’.

C. Canvas Belts

Because of the progressing high-style/streetwear hybrid, material belts are getting a charge out of a resurgence in prominence. They’ve been made cool by some of the best branded belts and leather organizations in India, however, you don’t need to be a captive to form to get included. Choose quieted, natural tones, and a material belt will make a convenient expansion to your end-of-the-week closet, bringing a hint of Ivy League complexity to even the most fundamental of looks.

D. Woven Belts

Another preppy staple that has a ton making it work. Most importantly, it downright looks great and offers an approach to infuse some surface into any outfit. Furthermore, it’s agreeable – the webbed development gives expanded flex and stretch, considering the regular varieties in abdomen boundaries we as a whole go through. Stick to wearing it with chinos, pants, and shorts and you will not at any point put a foot wrong.

Best Belt Brands in India

With the perfect blend of material, fit, looks, and pricing, we have ranked the top 10 belt brands for men in India. The choices are also ranked on the basis of value-for-money quotient and popularity among belt buyers.

So, here it goes.

1.  Woodland Belts

A journey that started with one retail outlet in India is now serving consumers from different nationalities like buyers from Hong Kong and Singapore. Touted as one of the best belt brands in India, Woodland also offers an extensive chain of performance apparel, outdoor gear, and premium footwear.

With its parent company, Aero Group, Woodland has been a pioneer in the shoe and leather industry since the early 1950s. In fact, Aero Group was extensively exporting leather products to countries like the USSR while some products were being launched in India. Hence, the first hand-stitched leather shoe came into the picture, giving birth to the brand, ‘Woodland’.

Specializing in pure leather belts, Woodland belts are a class over its competition with a premium array of products that are durable, tactile, and nice counterparts to trousers and shirts.

Here are our top picks among Woodland Belts:

Woodland Men's Leather Belt (40)
4 Reviews
Woodland Men's Leather Belt (40)
  • Color : Brown
  • Brand : Woodland
  • Perfect go with casuals and formals too

2. Tommy Hilfiger Belts

Established in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger conveys premium styling, quality, and worth to purchasers worldwide under the Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans brands, with broadness of assortments including Hilfiger Collection, Tommy Hilfiger Tailored, men’s, ladies’ and children’s active apparel, denim, adornments, and footwear.

The apex of the Tommy Hilfiger item offering, Hilfiger Collection is complex and raised, mixing the brand’s Americana legacy with contemporary impacts and a fun-loving design edge. Respected works of art like the absolute best branded belts in the country are rethought for now. The assortment targets male and female purchasers somewhere in the range of 25 and 40 years of age.

This line coordinates a sharp, complex style with the brand’s American menswear legacy. From organized suiting to casual end of the week wear, one of the best belt brands in India for people are modernized with accuracy fit, premium textures, refreshed cuts, rich tones, and luxury subtleties, executed with Hilfiger’s particular wind.

Here are our top picks among Tommy Hilfiger Belts:

3. Levis Belts

Started out in 1853, Levi Strauss opened a discount dry merchandise business in San Francisco that got known as Levi Strauss and Co. Seeing a requirement for work pants that could hold up under more unpleasant conditions, he and Jacob Davis, a tailor, made the principal jeans. In 1873, they got a U.S. patent for “abdomen overalls” with metal bolts at points of strain.

Levi Strauss and Co. is one of the world’s biggest brand-name clothing organizations and a worldwide pioneer in jeanswear. The organization plans and markets pants, casual wear and among the absolute best belt brands in India for men, ladies, and kids under the Levi’s, Signature by Levi Strauss and Co., Dockers, and Denizen brands.

These branded leather and casual belts are sold in excess of 110 nations worldwide through a mix of chain retailers, retail chains, online destinations, and a worldwide impression of around 3000 retail locations.

Here are our top picks among Levis Belts:

4. Hidesign Belts

Dilip Kapur started Hidesign in 1978 as interest. With a Ph.D. in foreign relations, no plan foundation, the brand, and the items were a statement of his faith in normal, supportable materials and clean basic plans.

With its hand-tailored look and strange plans, the packs were fundamentally unique in relation to anything accessible in Europe and the USA at that point. Hidesign was immediately embraced by elective-style stores in London, San Francisco, and Melbourne. Presently broadly acknowledged in more than 25 nations as an innovator in the improvement of an economical and inventive leather design.

With a normal work insight of more than 17 years at their atelier, they house probably the most gifted leather craftspeople contributing toward the one among the top 10 belt brands in the world.

Here are our top picks among Hidesign Belts:

5. Van Heusen Belts

The Van Heusen story started in 1881 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Moses Phillips and child Isaac started selling shirts which were hand-sewn by Moses’ significant other Endel and their girls, to the nearby coal diggers. Rapidly effective, Phillips extended the activity to New York City.

Very nearly 30 years on, in 1919, Dutch worker John Manning van Heusen has conceded a patent for another cycle he made that melded fabric on a bend, making an agreeable delicate collapsing collar that held the hardened collar look of the period.

In New York, Van Heusen met with Isaac Phillips, who purchased the U.S. patent for Van Heusen’s progressive delicate collapsing collar, and the Phillips-Van Heusen collusion was conceived. From the 1930s, Van Heusen shirts, shoes, and belts started to be sent out to various nations from England in little amounts.

Here are our top picks among Van Heusen Belts:

6. Bacca Bucci Belts

Brought into the world in 2013, in the city of Delhi, worn on the planet today. As for footwear and adornments pioneer, they have reliably reexamined the meaning of footwear and accomplices to stay aware of the patterns. They are a famous brand that is equivalently connected with design and boundless innovativeness. Bacca Bucci gives you the establishments to ooze fearlessness, uniqueness, and realness.

Over these years Bacca Bucci has become a main footwear and accessories brand, getting a charge out of the help of enormous customers around the world. Taking into account the quintessentially beautiful individuals of today who is, character and pattern cognizant, the assortment gloats of immortal exemplary increases that are an absolute necessity included in everybody’s closet.

With advanced construction techniques & contemporary material, Bacca Bucci has emerged as one of the best belt brands in India with flying colors.

Here are our top picks among Bacca Bucci Belts:

7. Red Tape Belts

RedTape belts and shoes were conceptualized as a way of life brand for the yearning and driven Generation Next. A brand is inseparable from unmatched solace, worldwide style, and excellent artfulness attributable to its persistent spotlight on quality, craftsmanship, and stylish design.

The story traces all the way back to 1996 when RedTape got one of the main Indian branded belts organizations to be accessible in the main and knowing worldwide business sectors of the UK. From that point forward, RedTape’s impression has moved onwards and upwards.

To keep up to date with the most stylish trend patterns and styles, the scope of one of the best belt brands in India is planned natively in design studios of the UK and Italy, with assemblies planned around the world acknowledged norms of value and material.

Here are our top picks among Red Tape Belts:

8. Peter England Belts

Peter England was set up in 1889, Londonderry, Ireland to give British contenders fine Khaki jeans during the Boer War. Longer than a century later, Peter England made their first contribution to the Indian market in 1997.

The brand was acquired by Aditya Birla Group in 2000 and promptly continued changing into India’s Leading Menswear Brand. The brand was recorded in the best 5, for the most part trusted in brands in pieces of clothing depiction for 7 reformist years.

With ardent confidence in authenticity, Peter England has gotten one of the most trusted and dependable worldwide brands, offering unrivaled benefits to youthful Indian men. With traction in menswear portions, Peter England likewise offers inventive assortments in types of denim, cloth, belts, happy wear, and ethnic kurtas.

Here are our top picks among Peter England Belts:

9. United Colors of Benetton Belts

Today Benetton Group is one of the most acclaimed design organizations on the planet, present in the principal markets with a business organization of roughly 5000 stores; a capable Group that designs the future and lives in now is the right time, mindful of the climate, the poise of individuals and the changes of society.

Benetton Group has consistently been focused on accommodating financial development and social responsibility, intensity, and thoughtfulness regarding the climate, business, and morals. The Benetton Group central command is Villa Minelli, situated in Ponzano, around 30 km from Venice.

It was bought in 1969 who then endowed the rebuilding and modernization to the modelers Afra and Tobia Scarpa. The variation and repair works took a sum of over fifteen years.

Here are our top picks among United Colors of Benetton Belts:

10. Louis Phillipe Belts

Louis Philippe is a superior brand of men’s clothing starting from India. It is an auxiliary of Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, which is a division of the Indian aggregate Aditya Birla Group, the brand was established in 1989. Named after Louis Philippe, King of the French from 1830 to 1848, the brand is one of the biggest clothing brands in India, starting in 2021.

It likewise joins India’s first quick arrangement youth brand, People; India’s most noteworthy completely coordinated style multi-brand outlet chain, Planet Fashion. The best superior generally speaking brand retailer arising as one of the best belt brands in India, The Collective and the British style picture, Hackett London’s mono-brand corporate store.

ABFRL has gotten restrictive on the web and offline rights to show the general brand – ‘Everlastingly 21’ and its current store relationship, in the rapid arrangement partition in India.

Here are our top picks among Louis Philippe Belts:

Buying Guide for Branded Belts for Men

As it may get tricky to settle among the best belt brands in India, here are some key factors to consider to help you purchase the best branded belts out there.

best belt in india

1. Sizing

Belts are customarily sold in sizes that relate to midriff estimations. You will either track down a solitary estimation or a reach. The previous means the distance between the beginning of the clasp and the center opening of the belt. For the last mentioned, the principal estimation is from the beginning of the clasp to the nearest opening, while the second rush to the center opening.

With regards to width stick between an inch to an inch and a half, which will guarantee your belt isn’t thin to such an extent that it will not fill your pant circles, however doesn’t look so wide that it passes as a weightlifting help.

2. Material

There are four key materials to consider while choosing a belt: leather, softened cowhide, material and woven. All can be worn in casual settings, yet just the first ought to be worn formally. On the off chance that formal is your ultimate objective, settle on a somewhat more slender style with insignificant specifying and an exemplary metal clasp securing.

3. Buckle

Alongside the material and width, the clasp of a belt decides how dressy or casual it is. Tongue clasps are the most widely recognized for exemplary leather belts, while D-rings are well known on casual, material belts for the mid-year. Likewise, think about the kind of metal – a few group’s skins can get aggravated by nickel, so it tends to merit spending somewhat more to guarantee better equipment.

4. Colour

Belt tones don’t stop at dark or earthy colors. For leather, they’re the two works of art all men should claim, however as far as woven and material belts, the alternatives are unending. An intense, woven belt can be a decent method to add a scramble of character to an otherwise quelled outfit and furthermore can possibly turn into a sign of your particular style.

Which Branded Belts Should You Own?

If you have already gone through our compilation you still might be bamboozled in pairing the ideal belt with differing garment types. Here’s an interesting infographic to help you in your course.

belt brands infographic


Your casual belts can go back and forth, and you may really like their being supplanted like clockwork, so you can attempt some new styles. In any case, with a more formal belt, you need something that you can utilize and appreciate for quite a while. A quality belt can keep going for quite a long time if not many years, so it merits putting resources into a first-rate piece that looks great and wears well.

We hope you enjoyed our compilation of the best belt brands in India with our personal recommendations attached. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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      For 56″ west you can choose Marks & Spencer, Armani Exchange, Puma, Peter England & Mochi.

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