10 Best Basmati Rice Brands in India 2023

Eating basmati rice is quite an exotic encounter. There is a craving prompting smell, visual intrigue, incredible taste, and an articulate and odd feeling of satisfaction. Basmati rice is basically about its long grains and the enchantment that they work up. In any case, all grains are not made equivalent. There is a base pre-cooked and post-cooking grain length that decides the nature of the rice. One may likewise need to fight with broken and pieces grains, harmed/discolored ones, and so forth. In a sub-par item, there might be red-striped grains, green grains, pasty ones, etc. At that point, there are security issues, obviously, for the most part identifying with conceivable pollution by substantial metals and the nearness of pesticide build-ups. Keeping the pertinent gauges as a source of perspective point, we have shortlisted 10 of the best Basmati Rice brands in India based on the previously mentioned parameters just as the other key quality-determinants.

Before we head on to the list, you might be curious as to which parts of the country produce the finest qualities of Basmati grains. Well,  the answer to that is Dehradun in Uttarakhand. The other notable regions that nurture some fine grains of Basmati Rice are Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Delhi.

Now, let’s look at some of the best Basmati Rice brand for biryani and daily use and the factors that separate these from the rest of the lot.

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Top 10 Basmati Rice Brands 2021

1. Daawat

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Most likely you would have seen a TV or online promotion of Daawat Biryani Basmati Rice. Daawat brand made by LT Foods Ltd houses the Bollywood megastar, Amitabh Bachchan as their brand ambassador. Celebrities separated Daawat Biryani Basmati rice positions at the peak among our rundown of the top 10 brands in India for two principal reasons.

First and foremost, LT Foods Ltd sources grains that go into each pack of Daawat Biryani Basmati Rice from nearby ranchers with paddy fields at lower regions of the Himalayas. This permits the organization an unlimited authority of their Basmati rice sourcing process. These grains experience a cautious procedure of purging and cleaning without loss of nourishment. Afterward, they are matured in best-in-class storehouses to draw out that ideal shading, grain size, and flavor when cooking.

2. Kohinoor

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You can purchase Kohinoor Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice, literally, at any place in India and most nations of the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The brand is accessible in 60 nations. Truth be told, brand proprietor Kohinoor Foods Ltd says, each grain of this top brand of Basmati rice in India has the longest prolongation after cooking. An appropriately cooked grain prolongs to as much as 2.5 cm.

The organization, Kohinoor Foods Ltd, additionally guarantees that Basmati grains that are almost two or three years old, go into each pack of this brand. Subsequently, Kohinoor Extra Long Grain Basmati rice conveys that rich smell. Kohinoor Foods Ltd utilizes just develops Basmati 1121 Pusa seeds to develop this top-rated brand of rice. The extra-long grain is something that each culinary expert wants while planning Biryani, Pulao, or desserts.

3. India Gate

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Well known across this nation and abroad is another top brand of Basmati rice, India Gate. The brand originates from KRBL Ltd, an organization that gets its name from originators Kushi Ram and Behari Lal. The pair started exchanging and sending out the best quality Indian Basmati rice in 1889. Indeed, the two accomplices are among the pioneers of India’s Basmati rice fares to Europe and America. As the brand name proposes, India Gate Classic Basmati Rice is a generally developed grain.

Consequently, it packs all the integrity of bonafide Basmati rice, for example, phenomenal sustenance, eminent smell and long grain with silvery-white shading. This famous Basmati rice brand for biryani is accessible at most stores and markets across India.

4. Fortune

Fortune Biryani Classic, Premium basmati Raw Rice, Aged for 2 Years, 5 kg
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Fortune Biryani Classic, Premium basmati Raw Rice, Aged for 2 Years, 5 kg
  • Perfectly aged basmati rice for 2 years
  • World’s longest grain premium raw basmati rice, perfect for biryani recipes
  • Pristine white grains that do not stick to each other or break when cooked
  • After cooking, rice elongates twice in size and makes your biryani flavorful
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Originating from the FMCG major, Adani-Wilmar Group, the variant of Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati Rice is a top-notch brand in India. This is an absolutely flawless brand of Basmati rice available in the country. Right off the pack, Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati rice has slim grains. This makes it perfect for a wide range of Biryanis and Pulaos just as Indian-Chinese rice dishes.

Further, Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati rice is exceptionally fragrant. Henceforth, it brings out amazing flavors in different sorts of rice dishes. You can really call Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati rice a worldwide brand. It is adaptable and henceforth mixes with each cooking of the world. It additionally positions among the most premium brands of Basmati rice in India.

5. Lal Qilla

Lal Qilla Traditional Basmati Rice positions high on our rundown of brands. It is one of the brands that make Indian Basmati rice that is celebrated far and wide. Lal Qilla Traditional Basmati rice originates from Amar Singh Chawal Wala, an Indian organization having some expertise in genuine quality Basmati rice for longer than a century.

This is a top brand of Basmati rice for solid reasons. Initially, this is a conventional Basmati Rice brand, which means, it is developed at lower regions of the Himalaya utilizing hundreds of years old cultivating techniques. Besides, Lal Qilla Traditional Basmati rice is known as ‘Purani Malai’ on the grounds that the grains are developed for two years before its sale. This guarantees each grain extends to at least 2 cm or more, in the wake of cooking. Likewise, it has that stunning flavor that you can anticipate from the best Basmati rice.

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6. Aeroplane

AEROPLANE Gold Basmati Rice Pouch 5 kg Pack of 1
  • Long Grain Rice
  • 2 Year Aged
  • Aromatic

Aeroplane La Taste Long Grain Basmati Rice is one of the prominent mentions amongst the best brands for Basmati Rice in India. It originates from Amir Chand Jagdish Kumar Exports Ltd, a New Delhi-based firm that is doing business for almost 50 years. This variant of Basmati Rice is accessible at all significant stores in India and online as well. It is a Basmati rice of prioritized choice among gourmet specialists and authorities.

The organization has a few distinct sorts of Basmati rice for the Indian and fare markets. It has an extraordinary crude Basmati rice that has an enormous interest in outside nations. Aeroplane La Taste Long Grain Basmati is conventional rice developed on lower regions of the Himalayas. The brand will most likely fulfill any observing cafe and culinary expert, on account of its phenomenal smell and long grain with a fine surface.

7. Sungold


Sungold Trade Private Limited was built up back in the year 2009 and is situated in New Delhi, India. They produce fare and import agro products like natural and non-organic, GMO-free Basmati Rice, and other variants.

Their point is to bring to you the best nature of basmati rice and non-basmati rice options, which is developed and prepared with present-day techniques yet keeps up to 100% nourishment.

8. Tilda

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You may never have hardly found out about Tilda Wandaful Premium Basmati Rice before reading this article. That is genuinely justifiable. This is an extremely restrictive and premium brand of Indian Basmati Rice accessible just on the web or at selected stores in India.

The explanation?

Tilda Wandaful Premium Basmati rice is a product of export-quality. In spite of the fact that it is accessible in India, its principal markets are abroad.

So for what reason is this generally lesser-known brand extraordinary?

A bundle of Tilda Wandaful contains the best quality Basmati rice that develops in ranches just beneath the Himalayan slants. Thus, liquefying snow from these mountains floods the paddy and loans it a one-of-a-kind, unobtrusive flavor. Tilda is a brand possessed by US-based nourishment and refreshments goliath, The Hain Celestial Group.

9. Tata Sampann

As the brand name proposes, this top brand of Basmati rice in India is possessed by India’s respected mechanical goliath, Tata Group. Hence, you can be totally certain of getting just the best and finest quality of  Basmati rice when you purchase this notable Indian brand.

Further, Tata Group costs this top brand of Basmati rice moderately. It may not be exceptionally simple to get a pack of Tata Sampann Basmati Rice from littler stores. It would be accessible at prominent super-markets, shopping centers, and selected online stores as it were. Further, it is accessible in 1kg packs as well. You can thus make use of the Tata Sampann Basmati rice for both veggie-lovers or meat-based dishes.

10. Dosti

dosti rice


Dosti Basmati rice is unadulterated and classy. It is accessible in different assortments including Dosti Regular basmati rice, Dosti Classic, and Dosti Pride to cite some examples. It is plentiful in minerals and different other miniaturized scale supplements. The experts working for the organization ensure the healthy benefit of the rice stays flawless. This is regardless of the way that it experiences thorough preparation and refining. It adds a novel flavor to the rice arrangements forging this to be amongst the best brands of Indian Basmati Rice.

Their basmati rice is 100% unadulterated and is of premium quality, delicious, entire grains, and gives over 80% of the regular minerals required by the human body. Dosti 1121 Extra Long Basmati Rice hails to be the world’s best quality rice that can upgrade any rice dish with its sweet aroma whenever cooked appropriately.


Like the other nourishment grains, there are quite a few variants of Basmati rice that are developed in India. Having said that, not every sort of Basmati is premium or gets a significant expense.

Basmati developed on lower regions of the Himalayan range is the best. It gets water system from dissolving ice that structures on the Himalayas. Water temperature and soil assume an extraordinary job in giving Basmati rice its remarkable surface and aroma.

Basmati rice grains are exceptionally fragile in spite of their adaptability. Consequently, they can lose flavor and surface if handling turns out badly. Producers consequently avoid potential risk while processing unrivaled quality Basmati rice.

Henceforth, the best Basmati Rice brands in India are costly in light of the fact that they contain grains from selective homesteads.


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