Top 10 Backpack brands in India 2023

Backpacks should be as agreeable as upscale and popular they look. The manner in which we use backpacks has changed throughout the long term now – they are not, at this point restricted to convey school books. From carrying devices to cameras to records, envelopes, and laptops, putting resources into a decent backpack requires some exhaustive examination and comprehension. Also, that is the reason here we are with the rundown of the best backpack brands in India.

It is accurate to say that you are searching for the best backpack brands in India. Purchasing the best backpack isn’t excessively simple, however, in light of the fact that numerous mainstream backpack brands are playing with advertising tricks to get the greatest buyers in this fragment.

Best Backpack Brands in India

The present backpack plans are functional, slick, and more astute than at any other time. Gone are the days when bags were simply restricted to study halls. The article will give you insights regarding backpacks accessible on the lookout. Investigate the 10 best backpacks brands in India you should settle for.

1. American Tourister

Astrum International took over Tourister in the year 2009, which is additionally a parent association of Samsonite. They have kept up the guarantee of being one of the best backpack brands in India on the lookout, where you can browse the scope of customary to popular plans. They take into account the decisions, all things considered, and the items are unisex, settling on the decisions.

With strong material like polyester and nylon being used, they have created both the insides and the outsides keenly to meet all designs, be it an expert gathering or a normal school plan. The cushioning in the insides is logically positioned to shield your PC and belongings from all wounds. Also, the different pocket framework makes coordinating stuff much more proficient.

The additional padding on the shoulder lashes makes it ergonomically planned, as you can easily heft it around with no shoulder throb or reward pressure. Drive openly, putting this knapsack on your shoulders, and you can scarcely feel the weight on your back. It can oblige laptops up to 17 inches easily and calms you of the concern in the event that you have an enormous PC. The total scope of backpacks given by Tourister is tried in all potential conditions with the goal that it gives you the solace of going in the most testing and quick-moving city life.

Our top picks from American Tourister:

2. Wildcraft

An Indian brand, Wildcraft, offers a comprehensive scope of roomy and agreeable to commute backpacks. They are more strong with plain plans, making them a favored backpack brand. Wildcraft backpacks arrive in an assortment of popping colors that will make you go from work to an easygoing social affair or an end of the week ride easily.

They are minimal, offer various compartments, and are pleasantly cushioned with customizable shoulder lashes. The arms don’t hurt regardless of whether you carry them for extended periods of time. Quite possibly the most famous and among the best backpack brands in India, Wildcraft is known for its solid and durable items.

Our top picks from Wildcraft:

3. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand that fundamentally managed clothing. In addition, the general interest for their winter wears, the brand has gotten many hails for the astounding backpacks they produce. It isn’t only the name, which plays the card for this organization, however, their items are without a doubt worth the applause.

The backpacks are unmistakably appropriate for the ones who are roused by the tasteful styles. With strong tones and print plans, they definitely mirror the tasteful retro style. It is ideal for any expert use, as they emanate that profoundly refined appeal. The backpacks are intended to guarantee solace and as it were, with the end goal that it is practical to the most extreme level.

The backpacks include cushioned ties with delicate padding for your spine. This gives an ultra-comfort to your spine as you are voyaging significant distances. They are made with a truly sturdy texture and keep going long.

Our top picks from Tommy Hilfiger:

4. Skybags

Among the few best backpack brands in India, Skybags is a notable International brand from the place of VIP Industries of India. Lightweight, solid, and in vogue, Skybags scope of packs fall in the moderate reach for most people. Skybags offer strength at a moderate cost and henceforth are favored by school-going kids and office goers. It comes in both zipper and drawstring compartment conclusion types.

Numerous plans including geometric, abstract, solids, and prints are accessible to browse. You can get waterproof and semi-waterproof variations of backpacks according to the necessity. It is consistently a superior decision for individuals who don’t wish to fret over its utilization.

The backpacks are solid and profoundly agreeable and light in weight. The costs are reasonable and subsequently, numerous individuals want to pick this brand.

Our top picks from Skybags:

5. Safari

Safari is another brand in the market that has countless new age backpacks. The brand has an assortment of backpacks with interesting plans and high-grade materials. In contrast to different brands, Safari is utilizing Nylon material in their packs. The brand is acquiring ubiquity step by step and will cover more levels of the market in the coming months.

Safari is a notable brand when it comes to backpacks that are made of premium quality. The Safari backpacks can be utilized on a daily basis and for travel just as short outings. The backpacks likewise include a PC sleeve that holds your PC cautiously. The delicate shell inside the bag secures your PC. The ties are planned with a solid material that offers the most extreme solace. You won’t feel the weight on your shoulders and back.

Safari backpacks have complete multiple compartments with a delicate shell inside. Zipper’s conclusion makes them more agreeable and made sure about.

Our top picks from Safari:

6. F Gear

The backpacks created by this brand would be obviously appropriate for men. F Gear is a backpack brand delivering plans that are stylish and agreeable. The in vogue look of these bags has acquired a great deal of thankfulness, and they have been users’ most ideal decision for a long while now. The manufactured material, which makes the external cover gives a stylish look and furthermore adds to the wellbeing of the backpacks.

They are profoundly water-safe and arrive in a variety of tones. Be it strong, finished, shading impeded, or realistic plans, and they have it all. The shoulder straps are exceptionally cushioned, giving you that additional solace that is needed in quite a while of voyaging. They have a drawstring, flip, and zip conclusion according to your advantage.

You can without much of a stretch convey your water bottle in the side lattice, which gives an additional preferred position. The costs are financial plan cordial, making the buy worth for cash. They by and large accompany a solitary compartment for getting sorted out all the stuff. This caused us to remember F Gear as one of the best backpack brands in India.

Our top picks from F Gear: 

7. Fastrack

Fastrack is a commonly recognized name for college-goers who search for an incentive for cash while increasing their style remainder. Fastrack offers a nice scope of reasonable backpacks with numerous highlights and alluring plans that appeal to the youthful age. Fastrack backpacks are by and large unisex so you can utilize them reciprocally.

Arrangements to convey little quick and dirty with network pockets both inside and along the edges is an or more of Fasttrack bags. Fasttrack bags are not waterproof however water safe. Fastrack is a known brand in the Indian market which was dispatched in the year 1998. The organization was dispatched as a sub-brand of Titan watches.

The brand has extended its item ranges and now offers wallets, shades, belts and numerous other adornments apart from watches and backpacks. The straps are planned with a delicate material to help your shoulders. You won’t feel pressure while conveying the sack. It additionally helps your lower back and sides. The planned cushioning with Polyurethane Foam at the rear of this pack is durable which bolsters your back.

Our top picks from Fastrack:

8. Nike

The brand has consistently been a competitor’s top pick. Nike has been administering shoes, jackets, and extras market for longer than 10 years. The America-based global brand is trusted for its quality and plan. The alluring brand logo, with a believed fan base, has had the option to charm the backpack market. They are profoundly aroused by football, and their plans are generally enlivened by the equivalent.

Thus, it is truly hard for any football enthusiast to give a Nike bag a miss. Particularly, the Nike backpacks with football-motivated look and configuration are focused on the male crowd. The packs can house, from anything to everything. Stuff your standard necessities alongside the PC for any easygoing visit or a conference, and you can travel straightforward.

It offers you a scope of plans from printed to shading impeded to a strong finished appearance. The agreeable cushioned lashes and the delightful assortment of tones make them the brand you might want to have. They are overly light and highlight a back cushioning, which gives additional solace to the spine. The top circle added to these backpacks guarantees that you have an elective choice to convey them making it one of the best backpack brands in India.

Our top picks from Nike:

9. JanSport

JanSport packs are extraordinary, not just for outside adventures yet in addition ideal to be utilized as a school or school bags. JanSport knows that books are weighty and still utilitarian, and the motivation behind why the packs are worked to withstand substantial items. The bags have an exemplary old vintage look that will undoubtedly coordinate with all that you wear.

With premium external texture, the interior sleeve has a compartment that is ideal for even a 17 inch PC. There is an enormous straight cut principle compartment alongside cushioned shoulder ties. A front utility pocket with a coordinator and a zippered front reserve pocket with a web pull handle adds to the comfort level.

JanSport began making packs and open-air gear in 1967. The brand highlights the excursion, the disclosure of fun, opportunity, and experience.

Our top picks from JanSport:

10. Puma

Puma is a brand, which is notable for making definitive sandals, slippers, tracksuits, sweatshirts, and other sports needs. For a long, they have taken into account the need of joining the basics with style. It is a brand that is situated in Germany. At the point when this brand thought of a progression of backpack ranges, they have made marvels with their definitive blend of style, solace, obstruction, and strength.

Puma backpacks take into account a large portion of the fundamental prerequisites that you would look for in an ideal bag. They are propelled by the vision that you can store anything in these smaller yet open pack ranges. In this way, you have plentiful space to store whatever necessities you require. The super water-safe plan with the slimness of the materials put to utilize is the reward.

You can serenely utilize them for climbing or journeying undertaking as these packs are fit to oblige in the harsh territories. The lashes are truly solid with the end goal that you don’t confront bother in your excursion with broken ties. They are intended to convey hefty stuff, and you don’t have to consider getting the sack over-burden. The unmistakable scope of tones offered by Puma is intriguing, and you will get your preferred ideal mix.

Our top picks from Puma:


Be it a climbing trip or day out, a strong backpack is an ordinary need. The backpacks make it truly simple to dump in a sufficient measure of stuff and travel quietly. With a riotous timetable, it gets testing to haul along sling bags to your office. Subsequently, the backpack acts as the hero. These days backpacks take into account each way of life’s needs. They are more rough, intense but then tasteful in looks. Keep shopping, keep exploring, and keep backpacking!


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