10 Best Baby Strollers in India 2024: Stroll in Style!

Baby strollers or prams are a lifeline for parents for two principal reasons. To start with, carrying an infant on your arms for extended periods of time can cause shoulder and back torment, thus, wandering with your infant securely in a stroller decreases the odds of enduring more physical torment. Also, when in a pram, the infant is shielded from direct daylight as the covering gives shade to your youngster. So it is of utmost importance to pick up one of the best baby strollers in India that’s available readily and provides added comfort to the baby.

As a parent, you realize how much infants love to travel, go out, and experience the external world. Moreover, natural air is a significant requirement for their prosperity. While you need your child to have a great time and agreeable experience you should guarantee first that the buggy you pick is perfect for your infant. Make a point to pick an adaptable carriage. Try not to allow the amusing to stop and stop your experiences.  Purchase a viable and travel-accommodating buggy to make your infant’s first encounters all fun and comfortable. To assist you with browsing a scope of carriages accessible, we have hand-picked a few of the best baby strollers.

Top 10 Baby Strollers in India

1. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller / Pram for 0 to 3 Years, New Born / Toddler / Kid, 5 Point Safety Harness, Adjustable backrest, 360° Swivel Wheel, Large storage basket, Reversible Handlebar (Green)
  • High on Safety : 5 point safety harness to secure your child safely in the stroller, Wheels with brakes ensure safe strolling experince
  • Easy Child Monitoring : Reversible handlebar - Allows baby to face parent while strolling, Peek - a - Boo window to keep an eye on child while strolling in forward mode
  • Comfort Ensured : 3 position Seat recline so that baby can sit, relax or sleep inside the stroller. Cushioned seat, Adjustable footrest & Wheel Suspension adds to baby's comfort. Carrying Capacity up to 8 kgs
  • Hygienic & Convenient: Detachable Soft, Washable Seat Cushions, Detachable Mosquito Net ensure best hygienic experience. Large Storage basket & Back Pocket esnures that you can carry all baby essentials while strolling. Easy folding & storage; 360° Strolling : 360° Front Wheel Swivel with lock & Rear wheel breaks.
  • Material Type: Metal ; Frame Material Type: Aluminium ; Maximum Weight Recommendation: 8.0 ; Item Weight: 18.077904303511254

The LuvLap Sunshine stroller is one of the best baby strollers in India. It is a convenient buggy for the newborns and kids. The LuvLap Sunshine accompanies a reversible handle that permits you to confront your infant when you go for a walk. This keeps the child inside your scope of vision and energizes better holding between both of you. It accompanies a movable seat lean back with a 3 position seat. There is a 3 point outfit given to keep hold of the child in a made sure way. The wheels have a 360 degree turning for simple mobility.

For extra wellbeing, all the four wheels have a locking plan and the back wheel accompanies a solid brake. This permits you to keep your hands free when you are not strolling the buggy. This carriage accompanies a 3 pointed seat strap lash that guarantees your child remains in the specific spot. The front wheels turn with lock gives the smooth development of the carriage on the streets.

2. Chicco Simplicity Plus Baby Stroller

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This stroller guarantees a great deal of solace for your children. The carriage has a conservative size with a collapsing plan that makes it simple to store in a little space. With various alternatives, this best carriage makes the newborn child ride comfortable and loose. It is incredible for conveying children to shops, shopping centers, and other public spots. It is appropriate for individuals who love to travel routinely. It is lightweight and strong enough to take the child out and about. It is an incentive for cash as it fills the need of children walking around easily.

It comes with cushioned shoulder ties, groin tie, and reclinable unbending flexible backrest. The carriage accompanies a 5 point outfit that assists with holding your baby while walking safely. This carriage has turn wheels with the lock that ensures a smooth ride to new designs. It accompanies a roomy space that is appropriate for moms to keep diaper packs and other baby food items effortlessly while on the stroll with their infant.

3. R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle Baby Stroller

R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle Stroller Compact Travel Friendly Pram for Baby | Kids | Infants |Newborn | Boys & Girls of 0 to 3 Years(Black Grey)
100 Reviews
R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle Stroller Compact Travel Friendly Pram for Baby | Kids | Infants |Newborn | Boys & Girls of 0 to 3 Years(Black Grey)
  • Safety 1st - Twinkle Twinkle is EN 1888 Certified which is most stringent certification defined by European standards for strollers for Safety of Babies and Toddler. Every minor point is considered to give safest product to your Baby
  • Welcome to the Fold - Just pull your foot up and then unlock the hand lock and strollers folds down in snap. Its so portable that you can carry on your shoulder or carry with just one hand.
  • Front Wheels and Suspension - The Best suspension designed to give smoothest ride to you Baby while strolling. Best suspension especially designed for tough roads of India. 6 inch front wheels to swivel or to lock for long strolling
  • 4 Position Recline - Simple mechanism to make seat recline to 4 position and give your baby most comfortable ride

This stroller is one of the most reliable and one of the best baby strollers in India that goes under this brand. It is ideal for infants and babies to ride on roads, parks, or unpleasant streets. It has a one-hand collapsing plan and uses less space. It accompanies a UV shelter to shield the baby from the UV beams. The stroller comes with front haggles suspension to give the smoothest ride to your infant. It has a 5 point bridle position to hold your infant in the most shielded positions.

The stroller has a major container for the capacity to keep the infant’s basics. It accompanies a 3 position leg rest that gives an agreeable situation to your kid’s legs. Along with a Picaboo-window to see your little one while walking, it has a 4 point lean back element to make it comfortable for the infant. You can also securely bolt the front wheels in the event that you wish to take a long-straight walk.

4. BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller

BabyGo Delight Reversible Teddy Bear Baby Stroller and Pram with Mosquito Net Mama Diaper Bag and Wheel Breaks (Blue)
100 Reviews
BabyGo Delight Reversible Teddy Bear Baby Stroller and Pram with Mosquito Net Mama Diaper Bag and Wheel Breaks (Blue)
  • FOLDABLE STROLLER WITH REVERSIBLE HANDLE : Easily change the sides for Parent facing and Surrounding facing for baby
  • MOSQUITO NET : The net protects the baby from flies and mosquitoes 2 POINT SAFETY HARNESS: Belt and Legs Support
  • ALL WHEELS WITH BREAKS: Rear Wheels with breaks and Front Wheels with direction fixers. CHROME WHEELS: Alloy wheel fancy look
  • 3 POSITION SEAT RECLINE : Sitting And Sleeping positions for baby
  • LOOKING WINDOW: In canopy to keep a watch on baby, BASKET & BACK POCKET: For storage

This stroller is great for newborns. It accompanies different alternatives, for example, the reversible handle that lets you wind your preferred infant to confront whatever position. The heaviness and durability of the buggy make it light for women to ride the youngster easily on troublesome streets and roads. This stroller offers solace to the guardians and babies with its easy to utilize highlights. With ergonomic construction, it guarantees that your infant is in every case easily conveyed. It is probably the lightest stroller.

This stroller is outfitted with a mosquito net that shields the youngster from flies and mosquitoes and comes with mobile handles. It offers a 2 point security outfit that is belt and legs upright. It offers three seating positions to change between sitting, to unwind, and dozing positions. The stroller is foldable and the wheels accompany breaks. It encourages you to explore restricted spaces or lopsided walkways.

5. Mee Mee Twin Baby Stroller

Mee Mee Baby Twin Stroller/Pram/Buggy for Twins/Two Babies/Kids/Infants/Toddlers of 0-2 Years, with Swivel Wheel/Three Point Safety Harness Belt/Multi Recline Position (Orange)
143 Reviews
Mee Mee Baby Twin Stroller/Pram/Buggy for Twins/Two Babies/Kids/Infants/Toddlers of 0-2 Years, with Swivel Wheel/Three Point Safety Harness Belt/Multi Recline Position (Orange)
  • Specailly designed Twin Stroller, 3 Different Seat Positions - Sleeping, Reclining and Seating for your growing baby's needs
  • 5-point Safety Belt with Double Protection Safety Lock to Secure the Baby inside the Stroller, Lightweight Aluminium allows Easy and compact Carrying, Travel and Storage
  • Detachable Soft, Washable Seat Cushions I Adjustable Foot Rest for both Sleeping and Sitting position, Canopy is Equipped with Peek-a-boo Window to Watch Baby while Strolling
  • 360° Front Wheel Swivel with lock & Rear wheel breaks, Reversible handlebar - Allows baby to face parent while strolling
  • Storage basket - The stroller is equipped with spacious storage basket

Mee Mee twin baby stroller lets your kids sit easily and have a sense of security to encounter new sounds, developments, hues, and shapes. Made to stick to the most noteworthy wellbeing norms, it guards your children agreeable and keeping in mind that having an upbeat ride. The pram offers three distinctive seat positions for your infant’s wellbeing. It offers to rest, leaning back and seating positions. It is likewise outfitted with an open bushel at the base to help convey all child basics in a hurry.

This stroller encourages you to take both your children out together with no problem, reversible delicate froth handle for front and back looking for the occasions when your infant needs your quality. It likewise accompanies 360-degree rotational front haggles wheels with brakes, huge overhang spread to guarantee your children are ensured in all climate conditions. This is one of the best baby strollers in India that is specially designed for twins.

6. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller

Little Pumpkin by R for Rabbit Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller, 3 Position Recline, Pram for Kids and Infants, Adjustable Backrest, 360° Swivel Wheel, Large Storage Basket, Reversible Handlebar, Newborn Baby...
  • Mom Friendly: Kiddie Kingdom Stroller is compact & travel- friendly light weight stroller.
  • Front Wheels and Suspension – All Terrain Wheels with Front Suspension for Smooth Ride.
  • Easy Fold Mechanism– Push the Bar below with you hand or foot and Pram folds itself.
  • Reversible Handle – Kiddie Kingdom Stroller is equipped with reversible handle feature. To Stroll the stroller from both side
  • 3 Position Recline - Simple mechanism to make seat recline to 3 position and give your baby most comfortable ride

This stroller offers satisfaction to both the kid and the mother. It has an advanced solid plan that makes it captivate everyone. This pram is a movement well disposed of as it takes negligible space in the baggage. It has a brilliant shelter that watches the child against the sun. Being light in weight the stroller is super easy to handle. The carriage accompanies a safe crease component to overlay it with your hand or toe. Its back wheels and front wheels move easily.

The stroller comes with a reversible handle to turn the walk around the two sides. With a movable seat, you can bring down the secondary lounge in three different ways to loosen up your baby. The ottoman in the stroller is simpler to modify in addition to brakes to help you to stop the pram at anyplace. The stroller is foldable, minimalistic, and cute.

7. Fisher-Price Rover Steel Baby Stroller

Fisher Price - Rover Stroller Cum Pram (Red)

  • frame_material_type:alloy steel

  • item_weight:8.76

This stroller is the product of a presumed brand, that accompanies food plates for both the parent and the child. It accompanies double front wheels to empower a steady ride. The safeguard on the front wheels guarantees a sheltered and stable ride for your youngster. The wheels additionally accompany a turn work for simple moving. The push handle accompanies a delicate grasp for your solace.

With utmost comfort, this is one of the best baby strollers in India. It is easy to fold. The stroller comes with a 5 point bridle with shoulder braces and the stool provided empowers an agreeable position. The surprise window on the covering allows the baby to see the outside world and at the safe time lets the parents keep a check on the baby.

8. Sunbaby Bloom Baby Stroller

Sunbaby Jungle Friends Baby Stroller/Pram for New Born, Extra Wide/Thick Cushion seat, Reversible Handle, Mosquito net,Light Weight Foldable, Canopy Umbrella (Grey-Polkadot)
  • SAFETY N HIGH QUALITY: Sunbaby an 18 year old company selling strollers for babies for many years and has a reputation of safety n Quality amongst the Parent Community
  • The Baby Pram provides safety Belt which secures your baby totally. The movable Footrest can be pushed up to provide further security to your Baby
  • COMFORT A PRIORITY: INCLINED SEAT: Gives the option to make your baby Sit Straight or at an angle/ sleep position by changing seat angle.WIDE STROLLER : gives baby Space to move when slightly grownup
  • REVERSIBLE HANDLE: allows baby & mother to see each other which soothes the Baby.The FOOD TRAY, helps mom to keep the baby's Milk Bottle / Sipper
  • ENJOYABLE FEATURES :SWIVEL WHEELS W/SUSPENSION: Makes 360 rotation of the Stroller easy in any direction/absorbs jerks /brakes can be applied when needed

The stroller comes with a 3 point security outfit with foot lock on the back wheels. The seat is delicate and comfortably padded. The overhang looking window not only gives the parents a check on the baby but also protects the baby from harmful sunlight. The security clasp is well-cushioned. The turning wheel comes with suspension for a smoother ride. The stroller is accompanied by a capacity bin and has reversible handles.

The stroller accompanies the food plate for both the parent and the child. The push handle is flexible so you can broaden it according to your benefit. The seat can be balanced up to three positions. Its one-venture foldable bar permits you to overlap the buggy in one quick development and barely any exertion.

9. U-Grow Baby Stroller

U-Grow Baby Stroller/Pram/Buggy, Extra Large Seating Space, Easy Fold, with Wheel Brakes & Adjustable Backrest for Newborn Baby/Kids, 0-3 Years(RED)
  • For children weighing upto 15kg with 5 Point safety harness.
  • Easy Folding (one hand only).
  • Compact & Adjustable backrest (3 Position).
  • Removable child's tray & Removable parent's tray, 1 kg max.
  • Large shopping basket, 2 kg max

The steel edge of this stroller is sufficiently tough to hold weight up to 15 kgs. It is sturdy and sufficiently able to give your child a steady ride. Its 5 point security bridle is wide and customizable, giving your baby a cozy and agreeable fit. The plates are removable, so you can wash them and clean them after each utilization. The three-position seat is flexible with a comfortable backrest.

The stroller can be easily folded. The 360-degree front wheels are smooth and there are leg brakes on both the back wheels. Alongside it can hold additional essentials like lotions, treats or wipes weighing up to 20 kgs. This stroller from U-Grow is considered to be one of the best baby strollers in India.

10. Brunette Smarty Baby Stroller

Brunte Smarty Baby Stroller Pram Orange
  • This brunte smarty pram is compact, foldable and compact
  • It has three positions reclining seat (sleeping, rest and sitting) this pram protects your kids from falling down
  • It includes rear wheels with brakes and bottom big storage basket, It is safe to use, carry and store
  • EN 71 Certified Material

This appealing orange-colored stroller has a 3 point comfortable saddle and comes with practically all the highlights you may need in one. Its removable resting cushion can be washed clean, guaranteeing total cleanliness. Its handles accompany a delicate elastic grasp, so you don’t get too drained clutching frigid virus steel handles. Its back pocket accompanies a snare-and-circle opening so you can without much of a stretch eliminate and put in significant things according to your benefit.

The front wheels are 360 degrees turntable and the reversible handles make the stroller easier to move around. It comes with smooth foot brakes on the back wheels. It additionally has a spacious stockpiling sack to keep all the baby essentials.


To limit your child buggy pursuit, consider how much space you have, the number of messes with you have to oblige, and in the event that you need your infant carriage to come on trips with you. When you slender down the particular highlights for your way of life, the decision is much less overwhelming.

Rather than filtering through many likely choices, we’ve done the examination for you. We hope that this rundown for the best baby strollers in India was insightful for you.


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