10 Best Baby Food Brands in India 2023

Until babies become around 6 months old, they endure exclusively on breast-milk formula. When they begin expending strong nourishments, guardians have much more to plan and consider. While it’s critical to get ready and adjusted to nutritious dinners for the children, it can get a bit difficult to do everything without any preparation.

A brand completely committed to babies was incomprehensible until a couple of decades back. Today the absolute biggest organizations in India are coming out with brands just implied for kids. These brands are making waves in the nation with their huge presence in a large portion of the world-class shopping centers, markets, and departmental stores. Indeed, even the Indian TV stations are loaded with plugs committed to Baby Diaper Brands, Baby Nappies Brand, Baby Soaps Brands, and so on.

The eating regimen of a child is an incredible matter of worry for his mom. Since youngsters are helpless and powerless to illnesses it is fundamental to guarantee that whatever the child expends is unadulterated and solid. Our current market is home to some of the best baby food brands in India that have figured out how to consume space in the high-fi shopping centers as well as in the brains of the mindful and concerned Indian mothers.

The vast majority of the best organic baby food brands in India are known for giving the perfect measure of nourishment to babies. Endorsed by the majority of the well-known pediatricians, these infant nourishment items are commonly given to the kid after he/she finishes a year or even after 6 months. Infant nourishments delivered by the top brands in this portion contain some privileged dietary substances required by the infant and are additionally effectively absorbable by him/her.

They, necessarily shouldn’t be substitutes for suppers consistently, yet they’re extraordinary in situations when you’re worn out, or when you’re going out with your infant. With different choices like Cerelac, Slurrp Farm, Mimmo Organics, and so forth., it very well may be very hard to choose one. Thus, in this article, we will clarify how you can pick the best infant nourishment for your particular needs, and furthermore give you a rundown of the best baby food brands in India that are currently available.

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Top 10 Baby Food Brands in India in 2021

1. Nestle

Cerelac or Nan Pro is one of the most adored infant nourishments in India and keeping in mind that prior there weren’t the same number of assortments, presently there are a few kinds of it. This specific one is suggested as it contains grain, rice, and corn, just as apples and fruits to make it a healthy meal. You should simply add high-temperature water to it, which is the reason it is one of the few handful feast-types that is additionally travel-friendly.

It is extremely scrumptious, yet in addition exceptionally sugary, so we wouldn’t suggest it for normal utilization as there are other beneficial alternatives available. Since it contains plenty of grains, it is focused on babies more than a year as they would as of now have many teeth. Also, it is high in milk content too, so you should be mindful so as to not utilize more milk with it, as it could prompt clogging.

2. Tiny Spoons

These are the best organic-product puree pockets available and are suggested for babies more than 6 months old. They contain no added sugar, salt, or additives, and come in two delectable fruity flavors, which is extraordinary if your infant likes to have an assortment, or you need your child to attempt various natural products. It is made of naturally developed organic products, so it is extremely solid and unadulterated, with no pointless synthetic substances.

Both the flavors are similarly cherished by babies, so you need not stress over that. You can likewise add these purees to yogurt to add some flavor to the yogurt, or you can utilize them to make smoothies also. Since these arrive in a pocket structure, they’re extremely simple to go with and are perfect as snacks when you’re out with your infant.

3. Slurrp Farm

Dosa is incredible as a child nourishment choice; it is delicate, simple to bite, and significantly simpler to swallow, yet it isn’t sufficiently nutritious. Accordingly, in this blend, instead of the standard fixings, there are super grains like millet, moong dal, chana dal, alongside spinach and curry leaves, all of which make this blend a lot more advantageous form of the typical dosa. With one pack, you get around 7-8 dosas, which isn’t that bad for a little child.

It is additionally evaluated and simple to cook, which makes it the ideal apathetic day supper. It is suggested for kids more than 16 months as they can bite the grains better, however, their stomach related frameworks are additionally more qualified for such fixings. Ensure that you cook these dosas for marginally longer than you ordinarily would, as millets take somewhat longer to cook appropriately.

4. The Great Banyan


This is the best infant-nourishment you can discover online for babies who are more than 8 months. It contains no additional sugar, salt, or additives, so it’s one of the most beneficial porridge alternatives accessible. It’s a supper type item as you have to cook it a piece before it is prepared, and since it just has grown ragi flour and cardamom, you can make it either sweet or salty, contingent upon your infant’s favored taste.

If your infant is sensitive to milk, and you’re searching for a solid child-nourishment elective that is reasonable, yet not milk-based, then this is the one for you. Numerous clients include pounded vegetables or organic product puree to make this considerably scrumptious and sound for their children. There are additionally some individuals who propose adding a spoonful of ghee to the porridge in case you’re making it salty as it makes the flavors stand apart considerably more.

5. Early Foods


Those searching for a sound porridge alternative with solid grains, nuts, and organic products, for an infant more than 7 months, ought to get this item. It contains no additional sugar, salt, or additives, which makes it both a more secure, just as a more advantageous alternative. Since the entirety of the fixings are very warm, we prescribe taking care of this to your child throughout the winter, to maintain a strategic distance from the danger of a runny stomach.

Since it contains almonds, you should ensure that the child isn’t susceptible to it, as nut sensitivities are probably the most well-known nourishment hypersensitivities. Moreover, if your child is a meticulous eater, you may need to add some nectar or jaggery to this as the absence of included sugar makes this porridge very bland in any case.

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6. Mimmo Organics


These wafers are ideal for babies more than a year, who’ve been getting teeth for some time and need a bite that will mitigate their gums. All the fixings are natural, so you don’t have to stress over any destructive synthetic substances entering your child’s body. There are six packs in a single box, and each pack contains 3 wafers, which makes it extremely simple to go with them too.

If you’re searching for snacks with not so much sugar but rather more organic kind of a product, then this brand wouldn’t be directly for you, as sugar is the third fixing on the rundown, and the fruity bits establish under 5% of the tidbit. The size of every one of the wafers is very little as well, so in spite of the fact that they’re anything but difficult to hold for the children, you’ll presumably come up short on them really soon. However, with that being said, Mimmo Organics owing to its food value and customer-satisfaction levels, features amongst the best Baby Food Brands in India for 6-month-old children.

7. Happy Tummys


If you have a child who’s more than 2 years of age and are searching for a little, fruity nibble for them, at that point this is the brand for you. It contains no additives, and the surface is extremely chewy, so on the off chance that your little child is as yet getting teeth, then this would be an extraordinary choice. One box contains 5 exclusively bundled bars, which makes them extremely simple to go with also.

These lunch bars contain nectar, rice grain oil, and grain malt syrup, so they’re not as solid contrasted with some different bites. Moreover, the measure of natural products present in these is very low, which cuts down the health-benefit significantly more. They’re likewise truly costly thinking of you as just get 5 snack-bars, and the size of each bar is very little.

8. 24 Mantra Organic


24 Mantra Organic is a decade old brand. It is India’s largest organic food brand for babies. Some of their popular products that are quite common amongst consumers are cereals – both the normal ones and for breakfast, flours, dals, healthy foods, and tons of juices & cookies.

With flavors ranging from regular ones to exotics, your toddler’s taste buds are sure to develop as a millennial right from scratch should you choose to opt for this brand.

9. Happa Organic


This natural puree of fruits is one of the most flawless and travel-accommodating organic products put together that you’ll discover with respect to the market. It contains no additional sugars, nor does it utilize any additives, and since it is in puree structure, it is ideal for babies more than a half year who’ve quite recently begun devouring strong nourishments. It accompanies a spoon, so you don’t have to stress over pressing one, and makes for an extraordinary bite while you’re out with your child.

Despite the fact that you should ensure to pack it appropriately, the compartments aren’t tough and might break under tension. Moreover, the rundown of fixings can be very confounding; there are no additives or sugars in the item, however, while the title says “Apple + Banana,” the rundown of fixings states mango and banana. Along these lines, the fact that it’s still a lot healthy, it changes the kind of natural products you’re providing for your child.

10. Wockhardt


Farex Gentle Formula from Wockhardt with PreciNutri(TM) is a powdered Infant milk substitute appropriate for babies in the 0 to 2 years age-gathering. The brand offers some of the best food-sustenance products that are available in the country.


Picking the correct sort of child nourishment can be probably the hardest activity, which is the reason numerous individuals simply oblige the well-known alternatives, rather than really attempting to look into which items are the best. In this way, we did all the difficult work for unexperienced parents, so they’ll have at any rate one less thing to stress over.


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