10 Best Baby Diapers in India 2023: Pamper your toddlers

Baby diapers have been around for as far back as we can recollect. This mainstream item deals with your child directly from their infant stage to their baby and little child stage too. There is no rejecting that infant diapers are colossally helpful and have disentangled the life of guardians of this age. Expendable child diapers are a gift for the parent as they spare time and exertion. However, the main concern for parents still rests on the fact of choosing among the best baby diapers in India that are easily available online.

Though baby food and treats are of utmost importance. But, alongside baby lotions, soaps and powders, infant diapers likewise should be given an idea and check before utilizing them. Picking the best child diapers for an infant is most likely one of the primary things that unseasoned parents thoroughly consider. Given that the market is brimming with different choices of infant diapers, guardians hope to pick the best diapers for their children thinking about their prerequisite, the infant’s need, solace, cost, and utility. To assist you with this significant decision, we present you with a rundown of the best baby diapers in India.

Top 10 Baby Diapers in India for 2021

1. Huggies Wonder Pants

Huggies Wonder Pants Medium (M) Size Diaper Pants, 54 Count, With Bubble Bed Technology For Comfort for Kids
22,176 Reviews
Huggies Wonder Pants Medium (M) Size Diaper Pants, 54 Count, With Bubble Bed Technology For Comfort for Kids
  • The 3-D Bubble-Bed in the inside layer of the diaper is super fluffy and provides cotton like softness to the baby€™s skin.The 3-D Bubble-Bed ensures excellent absorption and spreads the wetness evenly €“ leading to outstanding dryness
  • The super flexible waist band elastic provides the baby with a comfortable fit and adapts to the baby€™s movements
  • Bubble wala Huggies absorbs wetness for up to 12 hours to allow the baby a dry and comfortable sleep overnight
  • The 3-D Bubble-Bed traps waste matter like runny poo to keep the surface of the diaper unbelievably dry
  • These disposable diapers come with a Triple Leak-guard, an extra padding on the sides of diaper, which helps reduce leakage from the sides on to the baby€™s thigh & legs

Huggies Wonder Pants have been painstakingly intended for all-round insurance of the child and thus gives dryness, comfort, and forestalls redness and rashes. The diaper is made of delicate cotton material, and the dry-touch sheet pulls to keep them dry. The fit has been saved stretchy for greatest solace and to forestall rashes. For additional security to prevent spillage, the diapers accompany twofold hole watches. Can be handily removed by the sides for speedy and simple removal.

With imported bubble bed innovation, Huggies diaper in India has presented cutting edge diaper pants for the first run through. This inside layer of spongy air pockets gives a genuinely delicate feel to the infant’s base, midriff, and thigh. The 3-D bubble bed Huggies accompanies a cushiony belt that assists with keeping your infant’s skin delicate and liberated from any red rashes or aggravation. The agreeable attack of this medium size diaper adjusts as per your infant’s development.

2. Pampers Diaper Pants

Pampers All round Protection Pants, Medium size baby Diapers, (7-12kg) 200 Count Lotion with Aloe Vera
260,441 Reviews
Pampers All round Protection Pants, Medium size baby Diapers, (7-12kg) 200 Count Lotion with Aloe Vera
  • New & Improved Pampers All-round Protection Pants – Nice Quality diaper pants for complete protection of your baby from World's #1 diaper brand (Based on Euromonitor International, Tissue and Hygiene, 2021ed, Pampers in #1 Nappy/Diapers/Pants sales brand globally in terms of both retail value sales (RSP) and volume, all retail channels, 2020 data or Source: Euromonitor International, global diaper sales, 2020 data).;Anti-Rash Blanket–Indiaâ€s first diapers containing Lotion with Aloe Vera that prevents rashes. (Blanket refers to soft topsheet with lotion. Helps prevent rash due to wetness after 1 day of usage, based on clinical studies in USA 2000-2019)
  • Up to 100% Wetness Lock-Unique Magic Gel technology that locks all pee & poo inside ensuring quality sleep for your baby ALL NIGHT;Extra Soft- New Pampers has an extraaaa soft material to keep your baby comfortably sleeping ALL NIGHT
  • Up to 12 hrs Absorption-Designed for soaking all-night urine with upto 2X Faster absorption speed keeping baby's bum dry;Double Leak Cuff Guards–Specially designed inner & outer barriers near thighs to prevent any leakage
  • No. 1 Choice of Doctors –Pampers knows its science, and is hence #1 Chosen brand by Doctors;Pampers Safety Promise–Nice Quality diapers designed for every newborn's skin with pH sensitive material, latex-free soft elastics, and zero parabens; Dermatologically Tested & Approved by Skin Health Alliance;Available in sizes Newborn, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL diapers
  • Material Type Free: Latex Free; Lining Description: Cotton; Color Name: White

Pampers has been the pioneer in child diapers with numerous moms favoring it over different brands. The diapers are delicate, made of breathable material, and come both in taped and gasp styled diapers. In contrast to numerous different diapers, they are very light and slight while their permeability is amazing. Pampers child diapers accompany three extra ingest channels, enchantment gel innovation, air channels for air course and dryness, adaptable velcro simple to tear belt, and infant salve to keep infant’s skin delicate and dry. Pampers is one of the brands that offer the best baby diapers in India.

Pampers additionally has an excellent scope of extra delicate diapers. These are useful for infants with exceptionally delicate skin. Pampers diaper includes an ultra-absorbent core that secures wetness with an inward layer of too permeable magic gel for as long as 12 hours. Advanced with Aloe Vera gel, these Pampers normal diapers keep your child’s skin delicate and liberated from any rashes or diaper aggravation.

3. MamyPoko Pants

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Baby Diaper, Small (Pack of 84)
  • It has crisscross absorbent sheet which absorbs 7 glasses of urine and spreads it evenly
  • Diaper does not get heavy because urine does not get collected at one place because of its crisscross absorbent sheet
  • It has stretchable thigh support which prevents thigh gaps and hence prevents leakage
  • Its breathable cotton like cover prevents stuffiness even when used for long hours
  • It is easy to wear. Closure Type: Elastic Waistband

Most moms would vouch for MamyPoko Pants extra absorb diapers given the way that the brand claims it can assimilate up to 7 glasses of water that they achieved using the Japanese Technology. The befuddle spongy sheet spreads the liquid equitably and doesn’t grow from only one side. The diaper has simple to-tear sides on the belt making it simple to remove after use. The thigh uphold is amazing and forestalls spillages. MamyPoko diapers are additionally reasonable for overnight use.

The breathable material of these diaper pants permits air to escape rapidly and guarantee that your child feels dry, new, and clean. Esteem the exceptional snapshots of joy along with your little one ensured with MamyPoko Pants diapers. These sensible minimal effort diapers in India give an agreeable fit so your infant walk, run and play around with no red rashes or diaper aggravation.

4. Himalaya Baby Pants

Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Diapers, Medium (7-12kg), 78 Count
66,957 Reviews
Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Diapers, Medium (7-12kg), 78 Count
  • Powered by natural antirash shield: Indian aloe and yashad bhasma (zinc oxide) (that prevent risk of diaper rash)
  • Soft easy-to-fit design offers care and comfort to your baby, silky soft inner layer for soft and sensitive skin
  • Breathable fabric ensures proper air circulation and leak-proof soft elastic edges prevent leakage
  • Instructions Included
  • Color: White

Give your infant the most advantageous beginning to existence with Himalaya Baby Pants. With Indian Aloe and Yashad Bhasma (Zinc Oxide), this diaper gasp has a characteristic enemy of a rash shield that assists with forestalling diaper rashes. Also, the super-retentive polymer (SAP) layer retains a lot of fluid and keeps the infant bum dry. These diapers are delicate to wear, with a simple to wear and take-off plan. The diaper can be utilized for the time being too. Himalaya baby pants likewise accompany a wetness pointer that turns green when the diaper is full.

The delicate versatile edges and stretchable thigh uphold tenderly flexes with the infant’s developments, giving solid insurance against spillage. This is one of the minimal effort diapers in India and you get what you pay for making Himalaya Baby Pants one of the best baby diapers in India.

5. Supples Baby Diaper Pants

Supples Baby Pants Diapers, Small (4 - 8 kg), 78 Count
129,631 Reviews
Supples Baby Pants Diapers, Small (4 - 8 kg), 78 Count
  • Choosing the right diaper size based on baby weight is important. The diaper capacity may vary among babies depending on the volume of pee and posture
  • Easy to pull up and remove.Upto 12 hours of absorption
  • Made from non woven, soft and breathable material that is gentle on your baby's skin
  • Zig-Zag channel top layer creates a larger absorbing area and helps in uniform liquid distribution
  • The bottom layer consists of gel magnets, which are hydrophilic in nature and absorbs large amounts of liquid to keep your baby dry

The Supples child pant diapers are made utilizing delicate, non-woven, breathable material with a crisscross channel on the top layer and a base layer with gel magnets which are hydrophilic in nature. This guarantees uniform appropriation of fluid while the extra blue scattering layer gives a dry, agreeable feel. It additionally accompanies a triple lock to empower side sleeves to forestall spillages. The delicate, stretchy diaper pants included security from spills and expanded solace, day and night.

This child diaper is anything but difficult to pull up and eliminate. It guarantees the greatest dryness of your infant as the permeability of the center cushion is enormous. Accessible in a month to month uber box of different checks, this infant diaper cost won’t beg to be spent.

6. Mee Mee Premium Diapers

Mee Mee Premium Diapers, Medium, 40 Count
654 Reviews
Mee Mee Premium Diapers, Medium, 40 Count
  • Made from cloth like breathable fabric
  • Leak lock system turns liquids into gel
  • Super absorbent polymers absorbs wet

The Mee Mee Premium breathable diapers permit the infant to play, creep, run, walk, rest, eat, and rest continuously. This is of the expendable kind and planned with watertight innovation. Simple to convey and utilize, this diaper will be a decent choice for your little one. Likewise, Mee Mee Premium diapers can be considered as one of the best baby diapers in India for its softness and comfort.

Produced using a fabric like breathable material, Mee Mee Premium diapers are skin-accommodating for your little ones. They have a break lock framework and SAP (Superabsorbent Polymers) that keep the top layer of the diaper dry and agreeable for the child. The diaper is likewise super slender and accompanies stretchable leg sleeves to forestall spillage.

7. Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers

Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers - Medium Size, 28 Count, for Infant Baby - Super Absorbent, Eco-Friendly and with a Wetness Indicator
  • COMFORTABLE DIAPERS: Our thin disposable diapers used by parents in 60+ countries are super-soft and offer a snug comfortable fit, that keep your baby happy all day long
  • SIZE RANGE: Manufactured in Denmark, our premium taped style diapers are designed for kids between 3-6 months weighing 4 kgs to 8 kgs
  • BREATHABILITY & SOFTNESS: Our diapers are made of non-woven, soft and breathable material. They provide all-around protection with a new and improved softer backsheet to promote air circulation for gentle skin
  • NO LEAKAGE: The absorbent sheet spreads the fluids evenly so it doesn’t spill onto one side. The diapers are made of breathable cotton-like material to ensure no rashes or redness on the skin
  • DRIES QUICKLY: The top-dry system along with the new and improved moisture absorption channels help absorb the fluid faster.Owing to the absorption quality, our diapers are suitable for overnight use too

Begun and made in Denmark, Bambo Nature is the up and coming age of high-caliber and ensured safe-to-utilize diapers. It brags of the most slender actual center plan, which doesn’t settle on execution or solace, permitting your child to move uninhibitedly and limiting the danger of any undesirable spillages. Speaking to other age diapers with wetness indicators, these diapers are ideal for daytime and overnight guaranteeing the most extreme consideration for the child’s skin.

Bambo Nature baby diapers are likewise an extraordinary decision for new-conceived infants with exceptionally sensitive and delicate skin. The diapers are slim, made of breathable material, and offer a cozy fit. They don’t contain any cream or aromas and thus are not hypersensitive.

8. Pigeon Ultra Premium Baby Diapers

Pigeon Baby Diaper Pant Type M,Silky Soft,Breathable,High Absorbency,Prevent Diaper Rashes,Upto 12 Hours Protection,36 pcs
109 Reviews
Pigeon Baby Diaper Pant Type M,Silky Soft,Breathable,High Absorbency,Prevent Diaper Rashes,Upto 12 Hours Protection,36 pcs
  • Pigeon Baby Diaper Pant Type M is silky soft with high absorbency
  • Pigeon Baby Diaper Pant Type M is having silky soft top sheet and soft elastic waist bands helps in your baby’s comfortable movement
  • Criss cross pattern and highly absorbent material helps your baby to stay protected for upto 12 hours.
  • Pigeon Baby Diaper Pant Type M helps preventing diaper rashes.
  • Comes with a wetness indicator

Pigeon advances the child’s sound development and the bliss of mother and family through cutting edge innovative work development. For over 50 years since their foundation, Pigeon has worked energetically to create valuable maternity and infant care items for simple, charming use. Pigeon is a Japanese organization that was built up in 1957. The brand is focused on conveying the most superb quality consideration items.

Pigeon diapers come with an extraordinarily spongy cushion and confound cross top layer forestall spillage. Its thin fit plan and delicate flexible belt give an extraordinary fit to your child’s base. The U-crease fold gives twofold security and builds versatility and the dampness conveyance layer draws fluids from the child’s skin – making them one of the best baby diapers in India.

9. Bella Baby Happy Diapers

Bella Baby Happy Large Diapers (48 Pieces) for Kids
579 Reviews
Bella Baby Happy Large Diapers (48 Pieces) for Kids
  • Happy diapers are featured with cutting edge diaper rash free system a complex of unique features that keep your baby’s skin healthy
  • Happy diapers prevent the appearance of rashes irritations, allergies and reddening
  • Green tea extract has antibacterial, anti inflammatory properties and it neutralizes unpleasant smell
  • Skin friendly technology latex, chlorine free components minimize the risk of rashes and allergic reactions
  • Gentle gathers on both sides of a diaper hold the moisture inside and prevent leakages, elastic tapes guarantee freedom of movement with no pressure on baby’s delicate skin

Bella Baby Happy, a European brand, was presented in India in January 2017. This brand targets making cheerful minutes for the infant and the mother. The diapers contain skin-accommodating latex and without chlorine parts that limit the danger of hypersensitivities and diaper rashes. They additionally accompany a wetness pointer that educates when a diaper should be changed. The diapers contain green tea separate from calming and hostile to bacterial properties that forestall skin disturbance, rashes, and skin redness.

The diaper is made out of the breathable external layer that makes airflow simpler, keeping your infant dry and agreeable from within. The legitimate attaching of tapes is secure because of the balanced pictures in the front of the diaper. Bella Baby Happy is one of the best baby diapers in India now available owing to its breathable and skin-friendly layer.

10. Papimo Baby Pants Diapers

Papimo Baby Pants Diapers with Aloe Vera, Medium (7 - 12 kg), 76 Count
25,352 Reviews
Papimo Baby Pants Diapers with Aloe Vera, Medium (7 - 12 kg), 76 Count
  • Choosing the right diaper size based on baby weight is important. The diaper capacity may vary among babies depending on the volume of pee and posture
  • Papimo baby diaper comes with a cottony-soft layer which gives your baby a comfortable wearing.Give your baby an ultimate comfy experience with the diaper made with non-woven, soft and breathable material
  • Give your baby an ultimate comfy experience with the diaper made with non-woven, soft and breathable material
  • Aloe vera helps protect your babys delicate skin from diaper rash and irritation and the super lock gel locks wetness away
  • Get away from the constant worry of changing your babys diapers. It has a yellow strip that turns blue when your baby needs a diaper change

The Papimo diaper gasp is intended to keep your infant agreeable in the day just as around evening time. It is made with cottony delicate breathable, non-woven material that guarantees a comfortable encounter. Papimo child diapers accompany a cottony-delicate layer which gives your infant a happy wearing. The diaper doesn’t get substantial with the bungle top layer that makes an ale retaining zone and aides in uniform fluid dissemination.

The hydrophilic gel magnets present at the base retain a lot of fluid and keep the infant dry. It can ingest up to 7 glasses of fluid. Give your infant an extremely comfortable involvement in a Papimo diaper made with non-woven, delicate, and breathable material. Aloe vera shields your infant’s sensitive skin from diaper rash and aggravation and the super lock gel locks wetness away.


Your infant spends a decent part of their day in a diaper. Notwithstanding, changing diapers in the night to alleviate your crying infant can be tedious. Thus, choosing the correct diaper for their delicate and sensitive skin is critical. A correct diaper can have an immense effect on keeping spills from occurring. Infants require the most extreme consideration and insurance during their development, and the skin is exceptionally touchy and needs extraordinary consideration. So, we hope that this list of the best baby diapers in India was insightful towards shaping your buying decision.


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