10 Best Baby Bathtubs in India 2024: Happier Bathing Sessions

Most children appreciate shower time, however, it very well may be a nerve-wracking task for mothers. You need the correct sorts of body washes, toys, oils, lotions to be applied after bath. And, most importantly, you need that one among all the best baby bathtubs. Children can’t sit up for a while as they have a delicate immature neck and head, which you should uphold while washing. It is the reason baths are fundamental for moms. It makes washing your child incredibly basic. The shower isn’t only a glad time for the infant however it is additionally fundamental for the tidiness and cleanliness of the child.

As another parent, you need to ensure that your lovable munchkin gets the best fun-loving encounters during their developing years. Washing time is one of the most entrancing minutes wanted by the infants. There are many tubs in the market, each professing to be better than the other. Some are basic, with adjusted edges while some are very extravagant. At that point, you need to consider the sticker price too. So how might you choose which bath is best for your child? To support you, we have accumulated a definite rundown of the best bathtubs for children in the market.

Top 10 Baby Bathtubs in India

1. Cho Cho Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

Cho-Cho Inflatable Bath Tubs® European Standard Inflatable Baby Bath Tub with Pump
3,367 Reviews
Cho-Cho Inflatable Bath Tubs® European Standard Inflatable Baby Bath Tub with Pump
  • Age Group: Suitable for New Born Babies to 4 Years Old Babies
  • Package includes : 1 x Baby Bath Tub, 1 x Air Pump
  • Made From BPA Free European Standard PVC materials; Soft And Smooth To Protect Your Baby's Skin.;
  • Its a best gift for your babies to Surprise; Makes a baby healthly while playing in water...
  • 45 Degree Backrest Design; Big Size Drain Plug In The Bottom For Water Release;

This inflatable rectangular pool is a delicate and smooth bath tub that comes with a pump. It is appropriate for infants as long as four years of age. It has an inflatable raised segment to help the infant around. It is one of the best baby bathtubs for home use and voyaging. This child bath accompanies a 45-degree backrest plan and gives better backings to the infant’s back. It is joined with a rope to the base for a characteristic drying and putting away.

This tub accompanies a comfortable extra room as an afterthought for putting away washing devices or infant’s toy extras. This inflatable tub is made from BPA free European standard PVC materials that protect your baby’s skin. It is a vacuum apparatus infant bath that permits you to modify effectively through expanding pretty much into the air.

2. Baybee Divo Baby Bath Tub

Baybee Divo Bathtub for New Born Baby - Pink
  • SAFETY: 1st - Our products are EN71 Certified which is most stringent certification defined by European standards for safety of Babies and Toddler. Every minor point is considered to give safest product to your Baby.
  • REINVENTING BATH-TIME FOR BABIES: Our Infant Tub is uniquely designed with slip-resistant armrests and an additional anti-slip insert mat that will make absolutely sure that your baby stays in the ideal bathing position with zero risk of slipping accidents. In fact, our Baby Bathtub Tray offers great grip and support for newborn and young infants up to 36 months old.
  • ENGINEERED TO LAST: Made with premium, BPA-free and eco-friendly Polypropylene material, this is the first and last Newborn Mini-Bathtub you are going to buy! Plus, it features a gender-neutral design, ideal for both boys and girls.
  • 100% SAFE & HEALTHY FOR YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER: Made with Food-Grade, BPA-free and non-toxic materials, our Infant Bathtub is entirely safe for your baby’s sensitive skin and ensures that they won’t get hurt while enjoying their daily clean-up.
  • THE RIGHT SIZE FOR ALL BABIES: With the perfection dimensions of 80 x 48 x 20cm, this bathtub tray for kids can be conveniently used as the kid grows. In fact, it can easily be passed along to a younger sibling, since it’s quite durable, practical and even includes an innovative flush drain plug that makes it easy to drain the tub after use.

This bath tub offers a great hold and backing for newborn children. This child bather is made with food-grade, non-harmful materials and is BPA free eco-accommodating polypropylene stuff and has a durable body. It is EN71 Certified characterized by European principles for the wellbeing of children and babies. The infant feels good because of the slip-oppose seat edges. It has a creative flush channel plug that makes the water simple to deplete during the shower sessions.

This bath tub is interestingly planned with slip-safe armrests. The slip-safe armrests and anti-slip cushioned seats permit your baby to creep in any position. It has an extra enemy of slip embed tangle that ensures that the child remains in the right washing position with zero dangers of slipping mishaps. It has an impartial structure that makes it easy for the parents.

3. Mee Mee Baby Bath Tub

Mee Mee Baby Bath Chair: Secure Seating for Newborns and Infants | Non-Slip Base | Foldable Design | Adjustable Positioning | Easy-to-Clean Soft Mesh Seat | Suitable for 0-2 Year (White)
  • Secure and Comfortable: The Mee Mee Newborn Baby Bath Chair offers a secure and cozy bathing experience for newborns and infants, ensuring they are safe and comfortable during bath time.
  • Anti-Skid & Anti-Slip Design: The chair features an anti-skid base and anti-slip surface to prevent any accidental slips or slides, keeping your baby safe and secure in the tub.
  • Foldable for Easy Storage: This bath chair is designed to be easily foldable, making it convenient for storage when not in use, saving space in your bathroom.
  • 3 Position Adjustable: With three adjustable positions, you can find the perfect angle to bathe your baby comfortably, ensuring convenience for both you and your little one.
  • Washable Soft Mesh Seat: The soft mesh seat is not only comfortable for your baby but also easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and convenience for parents.

This baby tub is intended to make fun and charming exercises for infants. A kid can appreciate fragrant-shower air pockets and sprinkling water. The delicate hint of the mother causes the little child to feel perfect, glad, and secure. You can put this smaller infant bather pool anyplace. This bath has sufficient space for comfort. The heaviness of this bath is 1.66 kg. It has smooth edges that don’t hurt your child. It is sensible for the delicate skin of the baby.

The tub is made according to the global guidelines of wellbeing and cleanliness. It is made of premium quality, imported, thick, and strong PVC materials. It has hostile slip cushions and mold-safe seat cushioning. This is one of the best baby bathtubs in India.

4. LuvLap Baby Bath Tub

LuvLap Baby Bath tub with drain plug, Ergonomic and spacious, Soft Curved, Durable Non Toxic material (Orange)
659 Reviews
LuvLap Baby Bath tub with drain plug, Ergonomic and spacious, Soft Curved, Durable Non Toxic material (Orange)
  • Safety First - Made of durable, High-Quality materials for zero toxicity
  • Baby safe - Soft curved edges for baby's protection
  • Comfortable for babies - Ergonomic and spacious design helps baby sit comfortably and securely while bathing
  • Convenient - Drain Plug at the base helps drain water easily
  • In-molded soap case to prevent soap from slipping

The LuvLap baby tub is sturdy and durable and is made of polypropylene material and is extraordinarily made for the delicate skin of your child. It encourages you to make your little child sprinkle in security and solace. It additionally accompanies wellbeing and improvement focus. The LuvLap tub goes through different quality checks before dispatching to the stores.

It coordinates the European Standards. It has an ergonomic and open plan that holds the baby better for the astounding shower understanding. It has a conservative size and delicately bent edges for child assurance. It has one shaped cleanser case at a corner side that forestalls the slipping of cleansers. The LuvLap tub can undoubtedly deal with youngsters while washing. Its anti-slip base offers a safe bath.

5. R for Rabbit Smart Baby Bath Tub

R for Rabbit Bubble Double Elite Bath tub for Baby, Foldable,Temperature Sensitive Indicator for New Born of 0 to 24 Months- Blue
  • Safety 1st - Designed as per safety standards and made out of best plastic material to give strong and safe Product to your little one
  • Grows with your Baby -It can be adjusted with the growth of your Baby! Can be used as bath tub when your baby starts sitting independently. Ideal for 0-3 years baby
  • Temperature Sensitive Plug – Bubble double bath tub comes with Temperature sensitive Plug which changes the color if the temperature of the water in the baby tub is hot.
  • Innovative Design - Innovative & unique design that can be folded and stored in small space. Your best companion for travel and for easy storage.
  • Strong support Legs - Equipped with strong support legs with non-slippery material that makes it usable on any flat surface

This is a collapsible baby tub. It is made according to the wellbeing guidelines and is made of top-notch manufactured material. This tub is a traditional sort and develops with your child. It is completely fit for kids between 0 to 3 years of age. It has incorporated delicate feet that give additional security, so the infant doesn’t get injured by slipping. This is a well-deserved product to be mentioned in our list of the best baby bathtubs.

It has a reduced size and an imaginative and special design. Its legs are an elastic grasp that gives greater dependability to prevent dangerous issues. It can manage a load of around 20 kgs. You can utilize this as a slanted bather for your recently conceived. It accompanies a temperature-touchy fitting that changes the shading if the water temperature is hot.

6. Sunbaby Baby Bath Tub

Sunbaby Baby Anti Slip Big Plastic Bathtub with Bath Toddler Seat Sling Non Slip Suction for Bathing,Baby Shower,Bubble Bath (White-Blue)
  • SAFETY PRIORITY -SUNBABY bathtub with Bather slide helps moms to give bath to their baby with easy keeping the safety the utmost importance.
  • BATH TIME is FUNTIME for infants and toddlers in SUNBABY bathtub . When the Baby is small, Bather is used by the mother to give support the baby while bathing their New Born.
  • HIGH QUALITY bath tub with BPA -free Unique rounded ergonomic shape with Slip resistant Armrest to prevent any hurt to your baby. When your baby Grows , the Bather slide can be removed to allow the baby to sit in a spacious bathtub and enjoy splashing water
  • SPLASHING WATER - Your child will enjoy the having a bubble bath and splashing water in the bathtub.Dimension:- Bath Tub 79 cm X 48 cm X 22 cm,Sling:- 61 cm X 31.5 cm X 18 cm.
  • Sunbaby Newborn Products Range Includes Stroller , Beautiful Walker , Car Seat, Mats , Wipes , Dry Sheet , Bed , Mosquito Beddings

This bath tub is uniquely intended for children over the age of one year. It guarantees that showering will be a good time for the infants by sprinkling around or playing with toys and bubbling with soap. It is one of the astounding child care stocks with profound ergonomic and security highlights. With an embellished design at an external surface, this tub has a cleanser holder to forestall slipping of cleanser in the bath.

Its non-slip surface gives extra solace to your infant without slipping. Its decorated fish-molded plan is appropriate for both slight and pudgy children. It accompanies an expanded side with smooth edges to help give security to your child. The tub accompanies an easy drainer that lets the water stream easily.

7. Munchkin Sit & Soak Baby Bath Tub

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Hard Tub, 0-12 Months, White
5,949 Reviews
Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Hard Tub, 0-12 Months, White
  • Non slip, compact infant tub holds baby upright in a safe seated position
  • Keeps baby warm with optimal water levels measures: 25 inch x 16.25 inch x 15 inch
  • Pull tub drain makes it easy to clean. Latex-free
  • Built in support bump keeps baby safe and padded foam backrest adds comfort for baby
  • Handle doubles as storage hook; 0 - 12 months

Nonetheless, with tidiness, you should be extra mindful while offering a shower to your little one. To make it fairly simple for you, and to help the infant, this tub has a cushioned backrest. At that point, it holds the child in an upstanding position that diminishes the odds of suffocating and a help knock makes it simpler for you to give a sheltered shower to your newborn.

Finally, in the wake of having a good time, comes the tidiness of the bath. It would not require some investment as you simply need to pull the tub channel and your bath is perfect. To make shower time more fun, you can likewise utilize the baby shampoo. Made of premium quality material and being latex-free, this tub is one of the best baby bathtubs.

8. Intex Baby Bath Tub

Intex Aadoo Square Kids Bath Tub, 3Ft (Pink)
  • Colour: Pink
  • Square Shaped
  • Kids Bath Tub

This is a three air-chambers baby tub. It is made with an acceptable quality inflatable plastic air pocket pillar floor for the pad. It is foldable and simple to remove which makes it one of the best baby bathtubs. You can put it in the room or balcony or anywhere in the house.

This tub has the profundity that enough fluid would be able to hold of approx 9 gallons so your infant can have a soothing bath. It tends to be washed and dry without any problem. The delicate inflatable pool comes in a square-formed pink shading with a mix of white. This infant bather accompanies a vacuum apparatus.

9. Mastela Deluxe Baby Bath Tub

MASTELA Deluxe Baby Bather - 07160
25 Reviews

This Mastela baby tub is an imaginative infant bather that professes to be a result of high caliber and outright wellbeing. This child bather is extremely well known among the inexperienced parents as it is exceptionally advantageous for offering a great shower experience to the infant. This tub comes with a cushioned headrest that keeps the top of the child sheltered and secure.

With 3 levels leaning back positions, the leg rests are also mildly cushioned for added comfort. It can be easily collapsed and stored anywhere to save space. With an anti-slip base, you can use this individually or put this in any ordinary bath. This tub comes with a sling cross-section and can be effortlessly washed in a clothes washer.

10. Kairos Baby Bath Tub

Kairos Baby Folding Bath Tub Collapses Portable Dog Pet Shower Tub (Light Pink Color)
38 Reviews
Kairos Baby Folding Bath Tub Collapses Portable Dog Pet Shower Tub (Light Pink Color)
  • Safety 1st - Designed as per safety standards of EN71 and made out of best plastic material to give strong and safe Product to your little one.
  • Grows with your Baby -It can be adjusted with the growth of your Baby! Can be used as an inclined bather for new born and can be used as bath tub when your baby starts sitting independently. Ideal for 0-3.5 years baby.
  • Innovative Design - Innovative & unique design that can be folded and stored in small space. Your best companion for travel with little one.
  • Strong support Legs - Equipped with strong support legs with non-slippery material that makes it usable on any flat surface.
  • Dimension - It is available in 82 cms * 47 cms * 22.5 cms that makes an ideal size for your little one to bath.

Kairos manages strong quality baby products. This is an imaginative child bath from this brand that makes the infant showering the second essential. It furnishes your child with agreeable shower time with well being consistent, making it a pleasant cycle. It is a convertible infant bather that is made according to the security guidelines and made out of the excellent plastic material.

It is appropriate and ideal for infants between 0 to 4 years of age. It has an exceptional and imaginative plan that can be collapsed and put away in minor spaces. You can modify the height of the bath as per your need. It very well may be utilized as a slanted bather for your babies. You can undoubtedly utilize it on any surface as it has solid legs with non-tricky material.


While each baby bath has its own age go, your baby will start sitting up all alone around a half year old, and they can generally graduate to the huge tub now. A few guardians and parental figures keep on utilizing bowl tubs even after baby is sitting up. Many give a non-slip surface in the enormous tub while as yet leaving a lot of space for shower toys, bubble shower, washcloths and the entirety of different things that accompany bathtime.


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