Top 10 Atta Brands in India 2024

Everybody of us needs to eat a blend of sound nourishments. Bread gives us vitality and can be eaten like an element of a fair and balanced diet. That is the reason high-nutritious levels of bread, prevalently known as roti, are so famous. At the point when wheat grains are squashed or processed, they transform into flour. Wheat Flour or Atta is the primary element of Indian level bread or roti. India creates in-excess of 75 million tons of wheat. It is mostly devoured everywhere throughout the nation as atta, suji, Maida, and baking flour. Truth be told, premium quality wheat flour is given by some of the best Atta in India.

Wheat flour gives plenty of medical advantages. Actually, it is a brilliant wellspring of cancer prevention agents and secures against cardiovascular malady. Wheat is second to the list of the most significant grains in India after rice. All things considered, wheat flour rotis give a high fiber diet. Accordingly, it prompts various medical advantages like a clean stomach related framework, weight management goals, and counteraction from heart maladies. Furthermore, it keeps up a fair glucose and cholesterol levels.

Wheat is one of the most significant yields amongst the grains that are grown in the country. The protein and caloric substance of wheat is a lot higher than that of some other nourishment crop. Wheat flour is gotten by establishing or processing wheat. In this way, it is the principal choice of any wellbeing cognizant individual.

Furthermore, wheat flour is an astounding wellspring of complex starches. It contains Vitamin B, minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, and other follow components. Because of its great dietary benefit, atta has become the most expended flour everywhere throughout the world.

Generally, Indian Atta is grounded in stone plants known as Chakkis. It comprises of a couple of round stones. One stone is fixed, while the other ones turn over the first along a typical pivot. Accordingly, the flour is finely processed. It comprises of the nutritious pieces of wheat grain, for example, germ, bran, and the endosperm in unique extents.

But, in roller processing, the wheat flour delivered is fine. Yet, in refined wheat flour, the grain and germ don’t exist. It just comprises of the endosperm part of wheat grain. Thus, the bran is added back to the finished item.

Accordingly, wheat flour has become the most expended flour in all conditions of the nation and abroad. In this article, we checked on some of the best Atta Chakki Brands in India. Likewise, we have clarified the advantages of wheat flour over other forms of flour and its nutritional advantages. So, let’s get going.

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List of Best Atta Brands in India

1. Aashirvaad

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Well known as the country’s most driving atta brand, it is controlled by the acclaimed ITC Limited. It has a perfect blend of pulses, vegetable flour, and whole wheat flour forming and making an immaculate characteristic grain mix. Aashirwad Atta is improved with Methi and Oats and offers high fiber and protein and has a low glycemic record. It uses high thickness grains to improve absorption and keep your body healthy. It doesn’t contain any extra added substances or flavors. It gives fragile and yummy rotis in a matter of minutes. It ingests water content in the body that further assists in processing food. It is supported by a staggering wellspring of protein, fiber, iron, and nutrients.

2. Patanjali

Been figured as a fresher contender, it is an unmistakable and without a doubt comprehended brand when it comes to the best maida Brands in India, offering a far-reaching scope of nourishment things at truly reasonable expenses. Patanjali has expanded colossal affirmation and approval inside a brief term of time and has wound up tendency among Indian families. The predominant components of Patanjali Aarogya Atta are sourced explicitly from the ranchers transversely over India, which also ensures that Aarogya atta contains 0% Maida and is 100% completed Atta.

3. Nature Fresh

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Nature Fresh Atta is delivered utilizing the best quality wheat grains. Nature Fresh highly esteems its assurance of astonishing, organic fixings that are readied properly, to make atta that is neither excessively fine nor unreasonably coarse. This certifies the rotis to be fluffier. The Nature Fresh Chakki atta contains 100% wheat and doesn’t contain any Maida using any and all means.

4. Annapurna

Annapurna Atta - No Maida Added, 5kg Pack
2 Reviews
Annapurna Atta - No Maida Added, 5kg Pack
  • Annapurna Atta - No Maida Added

Extensively the flour had been introduced in the year 1998, expected to help house creators by giving delicious and nutritious atta. Annapurna Farm Fresh Whole Wheat Atta comes at the best quality at the best expense. As the name suggests it is delivered utilizing whole wheat and is thus, wealthy in protein, fiber, calcium, and iron that keeps you solid and healthy. It guarantees to give delicate rotis, and the atta is full in sterile conditions and cleaned multiple times when diverged from others.

5. Rajdhani

Rajdhani Chakki Atta, 10kg
65 Reviews
Rajdhani Chakki Atta, 10kg
  • Certified with agmark, cftri and frac
  • Higher nutritional value

Rajdhani Chakki Atta is delivered from the latest machines and advancements propelling it to be a prominent name amongst the top 10 Atta Brands in India. In this manner with better quality and unfathomable taste, it is plentiful in grains that make your roti sensitive and fluffy. Rajdhani Chakki Atta is a refreshment atta and comes in groupings, for instance, Chakki Atta, Tandoori Roti, and Missi roti Atta. The atta is a decent wellspring of protein, iron, and nutrients. It is a 100 percent entire wheat atta for better prosperity.

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6. Pillsbury

Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Whole Wheat Atta | 100% Wheat Atta| Upto 6 hours of Softness| 5kg
5,643 Reviews
Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Whole Wheat Atta | 100% Wheat Atta| Upto 6 hours of Softness| 5kg
  • WHOLE WHEAT- Made from high-quality wheat and sourced locally from India's finest wheat fields. The chakki fresh atta from Pillsbury contains 100% wheat and 0% maida.
  • MAKE ROTIS 3 FINGER SOFT- With Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta, you can now make rotis that are extremely soft and can retain upto 6 hours of softness.
  • HEALTHY: Rich in dietary fibres essential for digestion and aids in maintaining overall health and vitality. ​
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta is made using traditional chakki grinding methods in such a way that it retains the goodness of whole wheat and adds to the softness.
  • TRUST: Pillsbury with its 150 years of experience in wheat and wheat products, combines good quality wheat, selected from Indiaâ€s finest wheat fields.

Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta was introduced in 1998 as a high caliber just as the nutritious differentiating choice to the entrenched custom of purchasing grain and having it ground at the close by flour process. Pillsbury has been seen as a notable brand in the checked atta class and is one of the fundamental players. Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta is 100 percent entire wheat atta with fiber, common fixings, and iron basic for a sound stomach related framework, in general prosperity, and transports oxygen in the body.

7. 24 Mantra

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This brand of 24 Mantra brings a premium range of grocery products that are completely organic and free from any chemicals. This Atta offering from the brand that restrains itself from any pesticides and GMOs, is a rich source for carbohydrates and is highly nutritious. It maintains a low-calorie count in this range of Whole-Wheat Atta. The fine grains and smooth texture of this brand’s products are loved widely by the Indian audience.

8. Fortune

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Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta is perfect for making delicate and cushy roti, parathas, and so forth. This flour is produced using the choicest grains from India’s best wheat fields. It is made no 1 atta in India with no maida in it. Therefore, you can encounter the newness of common Chakki atta. The characteristic pounding process holds integrity and regular taste. The atta is wealthy in dietary fiber to support your absorption framework. Subsequently, Fortune ensures to intrigue your 5 faculties with a delicate touch, prevalent taste, fragrance, and soft look.

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9. Shakti Bhog

Shakti Bhog Chakki Fresh Atta Whole Wheat Flour 100% Atta 0% Maida 10 Kg (Get 500Gm Sooji Free)
46 Reviews
Shakti Bhog Chakki Fresh Atta Whole Wheat Flour 100% Atta 0% Maida 10 Kg (Get 500Gm Sooji Free)
  • Indulge in unparalleled taste and nourishment with Shakti Bhog Chakki Fresh Atta. Our commitment to excellence begins with the careful selection of superb-quality wheat, which undergoes rigorous cleaning processes in state-of-the-art machines. These advanced stages ensure that every grain is meticulously cleaned, maintaining hygienic conditions and yielding a harvest of 100% clean and healthy grains.
  • At Shakti Bhog Chakki Fresh Atta, we take pride in our slow-speed grinding process, executed by cold machines. This method is specifically designed to preserve the natural nourishment, authentic taste, and delightful wheaty aroma of our atta.
  • Following the meticulous grinding process, Shakti Bhog Chakki Fresh Atta is hygienically packed in food-grade packaging. These specially designed packs are crafted to seal in the freshness of our atta, ensuring it stays delicious and nutritious for a longer period of time, just as nature intended.
  • Chapatties made from our uniform and consistently high-quality atta have a remarkable characteristic—they retain their natural color and stay tender and soft, even after hours in normal conditions. This is a testament to the exceptional quality and freshness of Shakti Bhog Chakki Fresh Atta, ensuring that every meal you prepare is a delightful experience.

Shakti Bhog Atta has perceived in the field of sustenance things and is the country’s speediest creating wheat flour association. It has even a prevalence and affirmation in the overall field. Shakti Bhog Atta is a champion among the most famous Atta Brands in India. It is pounded from the best gather and in like manner is great, tasteful, and valuable. Shakti Bhog Atta brand is high in fiber and protein and makes delicate rotis inevitably. Additionally, it is 100 percent cholesterol-free.

10. Samrat

Samrat Chakki Atta
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Samrat Chakki Atta
  • This is a Vegetarian product
  • Chakki Atta
  • Fresh Product

Samrat India Atta is used by various people in India. The atta is solid, digests effectively squeezed neatly, and most importantly, is an ideal and nutritious decision to make a broad grouping of nourishments and dishes.

Samrat is a leading market brand for flour fabricating units and offering a various scope of value items, for example, Rava, Maida, Besan, Chakki Atta, and Sharbati Atta.


Few other notable brands include Dinesh Flour Mills, Hathi, and Organic Tattva that are popular amongst few Indians as well.

Wheat flour is the staple sustenance of India and is used to make chapatis, naan, paranthas, roti, etc. In the previous days, individuals used to go to flour plants to get wheat squashed flour. By and by on account of gigantic urbanization and better approach for life in urban districts people need to buy moment flour from the market. Wheat Flour is loaded down with supplements wealthy in starches. Wheat Flour is far nutritious and sound with respect to refined. So, be noteful of the above mentioned Atta Brands that are popular and widely accessible across the nation and devour on your tasty dinner meals.


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